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Ultra Premium Atabey Cigars

Posted by Leah Roberts on 3rd Apr 2019

What's going on, everyone? This is Gerard with 

What I have in front of me here today is this Ultra Premium cigar called Atabey. Now, the man behind this brand is called Nelson Alfonso. Nelson Alfonso had a lot to do with the rebranding of the Cohiba Behike packaging. 

As you can see, this is very similar to it with the high lacquer box with the beautiful hinges and a beautiful presentation. Now, this cigar is very high priced, ultra premium, anywhere between $27 to $32 a stick. 

Is it worth it? 

Well, you tell me. 

Every time we get these things in stock, they sell out so quick. Spiritus. We had 10 boxes of this Lancero size, and we only have two five-packs left. People just go crazy over it. 

I'm not sure if it's the packaging, or if it's the cigar, or if it's the high price, or that it's not always available.

Please leave some comments and let me know what you think of this cigar, if you have smoked it. 

I personally have. I love it. 

To me, the things I look for when I want a cigar, when I smoke it, is I love to see how smooth the cigar is. Now the reason for that being to me, is because I like to retrohale, meaning that when I draw a cigar I like to push the smoke through my nostrils and get the scent of the flavors. 

Now this cigar allows me to do that all day long, throughout the whole entire cigar. 

Lot's of flavors, kind of like Nutmeg, very creamy cigar, the draws not very hot, superb smoothness, I retrohale this thing all the way through. 

I freakin' love it.

When you buy the cigar, however, it does have a couple different layers of protection. 

Three Layers of Protection

You have this outer shell, which is cardboard black box. 

When you open it, it's going to also have the black velvet sheath over it with the insignia of Atabey, and in another layer of covering of a plastic bag. 

Other than that, there is really no seal on the box itself other than the cardboard box, which I broke right here myself. I had to cut it one, two, and usually there's a little tiny sticker that I remove. 

This is the Benditos size, which is like a ... I guess you'd call it kind of like a Corona Gorda, or a double Corona Gorda.

It's a very big cigar. 

This is going to be about 6 1/2 to 6 3/4 by 54 or 56 ring gauge. 

Whenever I smoke cigars, a lot of times I'm either watching a movie, or UFC Fight, so I want it to last at least an hour, hour and a half, so this is a very good size, very good cigar, very smooth.

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Other than that, please follow us and subscribe to our YouTube channel for a lot more episodes. Atabey, Ultra Premium cigar. I highly recommend it. Other than that, thank you for watching. Good night.