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​How To Cut a Cigar- Straight Cut, Punch, or V-Cut

​How To Cut a Cigar- Straight Cut, Punch, or V-Cut

Posted by Makenzie Gorringe on 5th Mar 2019

If you are new to the cigar world, you will need to know how to cut your cigar in order to create the best experience for you.

Cigars are not like cigarettes-- you can’t just take one out and light it up.

You need to remove or penetrate the cap of a cigar before you smoke it. But, a great cigar can be ruined if it has a terrible cut.

Imagine this: You have your favorite cigar in hand, ready to relax and with one snip, your relaxation can be turned into anger as you poorly cut the cap of your cigar.

Now while you try to enjoy the cigar, it will gradually unwind and bits of tobacco will be in your teeth or stuck to your lips.

The draw will be way too strong or barely palpable and the perfect blend of flavor will be destroyed.

No one wants that scenario!

So do yourself a favor and learn about which cut is best for you. Then master that cut and enjoy all the cigars you want.

As far as cuts go, there are three main cuts to choose from.

Each has their own benefits. And the differences between them really depend on your own preference and also may have a little bit to do with your experience level.

Once you have cut a few cigars, you really can’t go wrong with any of these methods. There really is no one right way to cut your cigar.

Straight Cut

A straight cut is the most common type of cut for cigars.

The cutter for the straight cut consists of one or two sharp blades often referred to as “guillotine” that cut through the cigar and cut a piece from the cap.

Precision isn’t super important, but make sure you don’t cut off too much.

If you slice off too little, no worries. Just slice off a bit more.

Be sure to not get too overzealous and cut off too much.

If you do, the draw will become too airy and your cigar will be very very hot. This will disrupt the taste and will cause the wrapper to unwind and flake off.

Most of the straight cutters are considered to be perfect cut instruments because of the ease in placing the cigar in the cutter, closing the blades and having just the right amount taken off the cap.

As long as you don’t take too much off, it is a pretty safe cutter to use.

Make sure your blades are sharp. If they are not sharp, the blades will drag and pull and it will result in a tear instead of cutting the wrapper of the cigar.

If you don’t have a straight cutter, a sharp knife will be able to do the trick.

The easiness of the straight cutter is what makes it such a common cut to use.

Cigar Punch

Punches are a convenient and safe way to prep your cigar.

This is a great method if you are new to cigars. It eliminates the concern of ruining the construction of the cigar since it removes the fear of the wrapper unraveling.

Punching your cigar will create a more defined smoking edge and will give you an excellent draw that you are looking for.

Many cigar aficionados claim that if you punch a cigar you will get a stronger flavor from the cigar.

It’s all about your own opinion. It hasn’t been proven anywhere that punching a cigar gives you a stronger flavor, but if you like punching your cigars, go for it!

A cigar punch is a tool commonly used to hollow out a small hole at the bottom of your cigar.

You can buy the punch by itself but be sure to not lose one of the pieces. If you lose one piece, your cap doesn’t have much of a purpose and can’t work anymore.

Some of the caps have keychains so it’s easier to keep track of them.

There are also a few lighters that have the cap built in. This makes it easier to not lose the pieces and to be able to keep track of your lighter and cap together.

When you use the punch on your cigar, be careful to not twist too much or push too hard on your cigar. Doing this will crack the cap on your cigar.

Cracking your cap will cause smoke to leak out and it will hamper its burn and draw. Make sure the hole you’re making is large enough.

If the hole is too small, the draw of smoke through the cigar can be impeded.

Tar can also build up near the hole and this will have an effect on the taste as well as the draw.

If you’re in a bind and are really wanting that hole punched cigar, a hole can be made with a pen or a pencil.

V Cut

The V cut will give you a deep V shape at the end of your cigar.

This type of cut gives a different and unique drawing pattern for your smoke.

The V-Cutter is a very precise instrument and requires much more detailed attention than the other tools used for cutting.

For beginners, this cut might pose a few risks. Your wrapper has the potential of unraveling and you run the risk of cutting too far past the cap.

Once you are able to master this type of cutting, you will have a more controlled draw.

The cut on the cap will also be much cleaner. The V cut leaves the cap in a great condition which eliminates the risk of unraveling the wrapper.

With your V Cutter, make sure that your blade is kept sharp.

If your blade is not sharp, you will get a ragged, unclean cut and you take on the risk of loose tobacco finding its way into your mouth.

Find a cut that works for you and helps you enjoy your cigar just how you want it. Come on into Mardo Cigars and find yourself a cutter so you can appreciate your cigar to the fullest.