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Most Expensive Cigars in the world | Cigars 101

6th Sep 2023

Courtesan, it's $1.3 million.

Hi, and welcome to another episode of Mondays With Mardos. I'm Gerard, and this week, we're going to talk about my favorite topic, not, most expensive cigars in the world. I'm going to do my best you guys, but before I get going, I need you to click on the subscribe button, click on the bell to be notified every single week of new episodes on Mondays with Mardos.

All right, the topic that I've been given is to talk about the most expensive cigars in the world. I get this asked a lot. "Hey, Gerard, what is the most expensive cigar in the world?" There are a lot of private events that host a lot of private cigars that sometimes we never see.

For instance, a great example, Arturo Fuente has a cigar club they just started doing, the La Gran Fumada, a year ago. They had the 2023 and then they had the 2022 event, and then they'd give you a big box called La Gran Fumada. And inside of it were 13 cigars that you can't really buy those things. That Gran Fumada box goes anywhere between four to $5,000 for 13 cigars. That's going to be around $300 a cigar. Is it worth it? I don't know. To my opinion, I can't afford something like that, so to me, it's not worth it.

Is that the most expensive cigar in the world? No. There are cigars out there that run for, I don't know, I've read something like $10,000 for one cigar, but it was like a special event. It was a dinner, it was some sort of charity. To me, those don't really count. When it comes to actual market cigars, expensive cigars and most expensive cigars in the world are always going to be anywhere between like 30 to $70 a stick. Now, you can go to Las Vegas or you go to highly touristic areas, you're going to start paying for cigars that are going to be quadruple the actual MSRP. It's going to be like 100 to $125. That's because of the location.

But actual MSRP, the most expensive cigar in the world, Gurkha has some cigar called Royal Courtesan. It's $1.3 million. That's not an everyday cigar. Everyday cigars that's going to be very expensive is going to be anywhere between 30 to $50. I think that's a safe bet to say. I don't know, not a very good topic, not my favorite, but I made it happen. Let me know in the comments how silly this topic was. I'll see you guys next week. Remember, follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook. And remember, tell your friends to subscribe to our YouTube channel.