Calibration Kit

Hygrometer calibration is one of the most important parts of caring and preserving your tobacco. How would you know if your product is at the appropriate RH level if your hygrometer isn't working correctly?

Ensure that your hygrometer is at the correct RH level with Boveda's One-Step Calibration Kit. Watch our instructional video to learn more.

Boveda’s two-way humidity control technology—as used in the One-Step Calibration Kit—is based on scientific principles (Raoult’s Law and Henry’s Law) that have been known for well over 100 years. One of those principles is that a saturated solution of salt in water will maintain a constant level of relative humidity inside an enclosed chamber. This immutable law is the foundation of Boveda. This principle is widely used and accepted by chemists and lab professionals to determine the accuracy of any hygrometer, whether digital or analog. This is why Boveda should be used to establish the correct level of humidity inside your container, package or humidor, or to check the accuracy of your hygrometer.

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