Candela wrapper, also known as "Double Claro" or "American Market Selection," is recognized for its distinct green color and mild flavor profile. These wrappers are made by quickly drying and curing the tobacco under low heat, resulting in the preservation of its natural chlorophyll content. Our collection showcases a variety of cigars featuring Candela wrappers, carefully crafted to provide a refreshing and smooth smoking experience.


Within this category, you will find an extensive range of cigars featuring Candela wrappers, including different blends, sizes, and shapes. From classic Parejos and Coronas to intriguing figurados and box-pressed options, our selection caters to various preferences and smoking occasions.


Browse our collection, select your favorites, and savor the unique flavors and visual allure that Candela wrappers bring to every puff. Elevate your smoking pleasure with our exceptional offerings.