RoMa Craft Baka

RoMa Craft's Baka cigar is certainly a surprise from an unexpected place. The Baku people, who call the southeast rainforests of Cameroon home, have crafted a delightful cigar for RoMa Craft and all of us can experience it. The Baka cigar, hand-crafted in Nicaragua, features a wrapper leaf from southeast Cameroon, with binder and long-filler blend details kept undisclosed. Despite the mystery surrounding RoMa Craft Baka's construction, it has generated quite the buzz upon its announcement - and with good reason! This importantly compact size packs substantial medium-bodied flavor experiences, ranging from toasted earth to nuts, vanilla and spice all in one. As RoMa Craft' s tantalizing journey told by the Baka shows us: great things come from unexpected places.

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