Humidor Seasoning Kits

This is the perfect Boveda Kit to season a humidor. Just select the amount of cigars that your Humidor can hold and we have just the right amount of Boveda Packs you need to season your humidor.

  • Place the 84% RH Boveda Packs in your empty humidor, close the lid, and after 14 Days you are good to go!!
  • Take out the 84% Packs and replace with the Boveda Starter kit!

If you already have a collection of cigars in your humidor you will need a place to store them while you season your humidor. The Boveda humidor bags come prepacked with a patented 69% RH Boveda packet, which adds or removes moisture to protect your cigars. The bags zip to seal, providing the same protection as a plastic container.

This large bag is 16" x 12" and holds 60-80 Cigars.

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