San Andres Maduro

Welcome to our San Andres Wrapper category! Here, cigar enthusiasts and connoisseurs can explore and discover the captivating beauty and exceptional flavor of cigars wrapped in San Andres tobacco leaves.


The San Andres region in Mexico is renowned for its rich, dark, and oily wrapper leaves that lend a distinct character to cigars. The volcanic soil and unique climate of San Andres create the perfect conditions for growing tobacco with exceptional qualities. Our collection showcases a variety of cigars featuring San Andres wrappers, each meticulously crafted to provide a remarkable smoking experience.


Explore our inventory to discover a diverse range of sizes, shapes, and blends, all adorned with the distinguished San Andres wrapper. From robust Robustos to elegant Torpedos and everything in between, our collection offers a selection to suit any occasion or smoking preference.