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My Top Five Favorite Cigars for Summer

11th Sep 2023

Hi, welcome to another episode of Mondays with Mardo's. I'm Gerard. And this week, we're going to talk about my top five favorite cigars for the summer. Ooh, that's pretty cool. But before I get going, I need you to click on that subscribe button, click on the bell to be notified every single week of new episodes of Mondays with Mardo's.

All right, so prior to this video, I was given the sheets for me to kind of brainstorm on what I'm going to talk about. And... I kind of like this topic, so my top five favorite cigars for the summer, I have them written down. I'm going to jot through them pretty quickly and I'll tell you why.

So the first one, obviously is going to be the J.W. Maverick. The Jake Wyatt Maverick is named after my second son, Maverick, and this is our newest cigar from the Jake Wyatt Cigar Company. And the Maverick comes in three sizes, the Robusto, the Toro, and the 6 by 60 box pressed, and I've smoked every single size.

In this cigar, we made sure that the emphasis was behind it. Pennsylvania Broadleaf filler, we want to make it a very bold cigar, yet keeping that signature smooth that of a Jake Wyatt. And the Toro is $10 MSRP, the Robusto's $9 MSRP, the 6 by 60 box pressed is $11 MSRP, so that definitely is in my wheelhouse when it comes to something that I can really afford out of my own pocket, not on company dime. Bold cigar, very smooth, a lot of good chocolate flavors, good all the way to the end. Very hardy cigar. I walk away when I smoke this cigar very satisfied and knowing that I gave it a very good, honest appraisal because of the price, the construction, the flavor, the aroma, and then the body and the strength is just fantastic cigar.

So if you haven't tried the J.W. Maverick, I highly recommend it. The Robusto is amazing, and the 6 by 60 box pressed has really allowed me to venture into that big ring gauge cigars that I never really liked because it was just awkward. But when it came to the box pressed, it's a little bit more manageable when it comes to such a bigger ring gauge. So, yay for J.W. Maverick.

Second one is the RoMa Craft Volstead. Now, the Volstead is a new Intemperance cigar. It has an Ecuadorian Sumatra hybrid wrapper, Mexican San Andres binder, and then the filler. I just did a little writeup on it, that's why I'm so well in tune on what it is exactly. The fillers does have some corojo and I read it has La Canela corojo, which I believe is the farm for La Flor Dominicana, so it does have Dominican tobacco in it.

So for all you Nicaraguan little snobs, not everything that you smoke from Nicaragua has all Nicaraguan tobacco, so stop saying, "I don't Dominican tobaccos." A lot of the Nicaraguan cigars you smoke have some Dominican tobacco. So anyway, the Volstead comes in at a whopping less than $10 per stick. We're talking like $7, $8, $9, depending on the variation of the cigar you pick due to its size, so look for the Volstead. It's about to drop pretty soon here. Very, very happy. I had it, I thought it was a fantastic cigar.

Number three is Fosforo Limitada. If you're not familiar with Fosforo, Jeff Mouttet is the owner of Riverside Cigars in Indiana, and he has a cigar called Fosforo which is made at la Garmendia, Nicaragua. But the Limitada that I smoked, I was blown away. It's $9.95 stick for Toro size. Or is it a Corona Gorda size?

I think it's... It doesn't matter. It's only one size. It's called Fosforo Limitada, and it's made at the Segovias de Esteli in Nicaragua under Art Garcia. Really good cigar, fantastic flavors. Got that sweetness, that pepper, that boldness. For that price point man, I'm really, really happy about it. Many of you guys already tried it and guys have been texting me back or DMing me when I came in, I'm really glad I took up your recommendation on the Fosforo, so. Very happy about that.

Second one caught us all by surprise, but I'm not too surprised. It's called Blue Cheese. It is a Privada Cigar Club cigar made by AJ Fernandez for Privada. And it's dropped as an LCA product. And we brought in Blue Cheese not too long ago, and we're sold out and we're getting some more in. Made by AJ, fantastic cigar. Medium strength, but full flavor, full body.

It's got the pepper, it's got the sweetness in there, it's got the hardiness. It's a fantastic size, it's a 6 by 54 Toro. I think it's around $11 to $12 a stick. Banging, bro.

So number five, Ozgener Family Cigars has a cigar called Aramas 55. Not the 52, not the 54. I like the 55 ring gauge the best. This cigar is hardy, it's full flavor, it's dense, it's got sweetness to it, it's got spices to it. It's a very, very good cigar. It's a little bit pricey, it's more about like $14.75 cents I believe, but it's well worth it. It's box worthy. All these cigars that I mentioned are box worthy.

So this is my top five favorite cigars for the summer. And there you have it, thugs. Let me know in the comments if you try these cigars or not. Other than that, I'm going to take my attitude and say thank you for watching. I'll see you guys next week, remember to follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook, and tell your friends to sub to our YouTube channel. We need more followers.