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How To Detect Cigar Strengths and Flavors

Posted by Leah Roberts on 5th Mar 2019

What's going on everybody, this is Gerard with, and today we're going to be discussing cigar flavors and hints. Now, one of the things that I use a lot to find out about cigars is absolutely Google. 

There's a lot of reviews out there that we can read, and don't really believe everything I always read.

Especially when I hear things of this cigar will give you flavors of rotten fruit, or you get dark fruit flavors, or it's going to be musty. Or, bakers spice. Now, these are peoples opinion, and I respect that. 

However, I've never tasted rotten fruit. I don't want to taste rotten fruit in a cigar. I don't know what bakers spice is.

Therefore, I make my own judgment. 

Detecting The Flavor of Cigars

One of the things that I have learned that have helped me a whole lot is that in our mouth we have four different flavors. Or, we notice four different flavors. 

Bitter, sweet, spicy, and sour. 

However, through our nose we experience a whole lot of different smells. 

In the wine industry, whenever people want to drink a new bottle of wine, or whenever they want to drink wine, is they poor a little bit in a glass. 

Some of them like to be a little bit more sophisticated and what they do is they swirl the wine and then they take a smell of it.

Now, the reason of that being is because we smell a thousand different kind of smells, opposed to having only four flavors in our mouth. With that being said, what does that have to do with cigar smoking

There's a thing that we call retro-haling through cigars. Whenever you take a cigar drag or a draw of a cigar, you can push the smoke through your nostrils to get a smell and the scent of the cigar flavors.

Now, has is this being done, is pretty simple for me. 

The way my nasal cavities are constructed through God it's a lot easier. I just take a draw of a cigar and I just push it through my nostrils. But, there are some videos on YouTube that you can find that people demonstrate how to do it. 

Have some fun with it. It didn't happen to me right away, I played around a little bit until I mastered it and I can retro-hale. 

Now, some cigars are just too strong in flavor, too spicy and peppery, and I retro-hale a very little bit because it tingles too much and it bothers me. 

How To Detect Different Hints of Cigars

With that being said, earthy hints. Let's talk about earthy hints. 

Now, earthy hints for me is going to be completely different. I live in California. We are very close to the beach so I get a lot of salty weather, and I also get the smell of the beach when I go to the beach. I go to the beach a whole lot. Also we have the, what we call the Santa Ana wind effects. 

This happens every fall. 

The tail end of the fall beginning of the winter. 50 mile an hour winds coming out of the west, kicks up all the dust, and me as a child growing up on the playground of Southern California we experienced the Santa Ana winds all the time. 

Those to me are going to be the memorable earthy hints, because that's what I smell living here.

Opposed to somebody in the east coast that does experience rain. 

They have snow. 

They have a lot more greenery, foliage around them, probably depending on where they are on the east coast. Somebody that lives on the farm, that works with cattle, is always on the horse and is a rancher. 

The earthy hints for him is going to be completely different than my subjective point of view.

When I read earthy hints of a cigar, I'm always wondering who the individual is, where do they live, what type of memories have they stored in their mind when they are children or when they were kids. 

For instance, why do I bring that up? 

When I was 10 years old and I visited my aunt in France, she would always make strawberry jam from her strawberry farm. 

Every time I make toast, up until today when I open a new can of or a jar of strawberry jam, it takes me back 30 years ago when I was always eating strawberry jam from my aunts farm in France. 

With that being said, that is why I say it's very subjective when it comes to cigar flavors

Different Cigar Flavors

Now, another thing that I do I use Google. I love Google. RoMa Craft, CroMagnon, EMH is the size and this is a five inch by 56 ring gauge. 

Now, this has a Maduro Connecticut broadleaf wrapper, it is a Cameroon binder, and is a Nicaraguan filler. 

When I smoked this cigar the first couple of times I did notice some sweetness, but I couldn't really pinpoint what this sweetness was. I was very curious to know what was the blend of this cigar. 

Now, the company's are not going to completely give away what their blend is, but I'm going to get a pretty good idea of what is going on when I see some publications out there. 

We do know that it has a Maduro Connecticut broadleaf. It's not San Andreas. It's not a Pennsylvania broadleaf.

The reason why I bring that up is because I don't like San Andreas Maduro's. 

To me it's a little too peppery and it's over powering and it takes away the flavor of the cigar. That's my own personal opinion. So, it being a Maduro Connecticut broadleaf, I'm very happy with that. 

Secondly, the binder is a Cameroon, and that's where the bell started ringing for me. 

Ding, ding, ding, is because a Cameroon cigar or any Cigar that has some Cameroon in it is, always has that sweetness.

Arturo Fuente uses a Cameroon wrapper on their Hemingway line cigar, and that is where I remembered that I've noticed this sweetness. I couldn't pinpoint it until I read Cameroon, and with my experience it took me to the Arturo Fuente Hemingway line. 

I cross-crossed my thoughts and I was like that's what Cameroon tastes like and that's what it is, and that's the sweetness that I'm experiencing. That's my own opinion.

Guys, don't get caught up with literature a whole lot. 

Don't look into dark fruit or rotten fruit, or bakers spice, or whatever it is. Write down your own notes and make your own judgment, and make your own rating of what a cigar is. Speaking of this cigar, go on our website,, under brands of RoMa Craft.

CroMagnon is the line, and the name of this cigar size is EMH. Now, we do have a whole lot of different sizes. We have the cranium, we have the mandible. 

Oh my goodness, we have the anthropology.

Then, this cigar also comes with a Havana wrapper, which is the Aquitaine, so if you want to try something different than just a Maduro wrapper we have the Aquitaine as well, which is Habano

Anyway, thanks for tuning in, and please remember, if you have any comments, or any experience smoking this cigar, please type in your comments and I'll be sure to answer them. 

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