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Why You Should Chose Peruvian Tobacco

Why You Should Chose Peruvian Tobacco

Posted by Leah Roberts on 6th Feb 2019

Hey, what's going on everyone? This is Gerard with and today we're going to talk about the up and coming tobacco from Peru. 

Non-Cuban brands like San Louis Rey and H. Upmann have already been utilizing in their blends, but today I'm going to talk about this beautiful cigar called Bandolero.

The man behind this brand is Nelson Alfonzo. 

You guys are familiar with him because he already has an ultra premium brand. Actually two of them, Byron and Atta Bay. 

So the Bandolero characteristics are very much like the Liga Privada number nine, if you like that stuff. You'll love this. Lots of coffee hints, very smooth. 

However, these are a little bit less money and a majority of cigar shops, if they do, can carry the Bandolero. It'll come in a jar such as this. This is the bottle bottle size, which is a believe like a four or four and a half inch with 60 ring gauge.

Very, very nice cigar. 

Now this one in particular right here is ready to smoke. And the reason why I say that is that cellophane on it has yellowed a little bit and that indicates some aging on the cigar, which you guys know aging is a very big deal. 

We like it. It makes the cigar a little bit better than the original arrival of it.

Heres What We Have For You

These jars, if you do happen to buy a jar, they do have a humi-type of cover on it or lid I should say. And there's the foam right there, you saturate, put it back in, lock it in place, and does have some cool instructions and a little bit illustration of how the thing works. 

Pretty cool stuff. I love awesome unique packaging. If you're done with the cigars, you can use that as a cookie jar or whatever you want to do with it.

Obviously comes shipped with this box. It's very cool. 

Now this right here is something that is not going to be very easy for you to find. It's nothing new. It's been out already for quite some time and most online stores are already sold out. 

And when we heard that the distribution center had only 200 of these left, we jumped on the opportunity and we bought all of them.

We are halfway sold. 

And so that being said, I think we have what, maybe 90 or 100 units left. Now, the unique part about this and what makes it a collectible is that these sizes of this five sampler, Bandolero are not available as a normal production item. 

So these sizes are only available through this collectible five sampler pack, which also comes in these humi-tubes, and also has a humi-solution. So a really cool collectible piece. Get on our website, check it out if you're interested ... back to the humi tube.

Now Nelson Alfonzo used this packaging quite a bit to present his Atabey and Byron product, but he no longer is doing that anymore. So that's why we jumped on this because this is the last of his humi-tube packaging in his entire portfolio. 

So with that being said, you untwist the cap on the bottom, you can saturate this foam with that humi-tube solution that is already included. 

Put it back in there, let it do its job. It keeps your cigar humid and protected from the behaviors such as myself.

I'm always in a rush. I grab my keys, my cell phone, my headphones, stuff everything in my pocket, get in the car. And next thing I know I have a cigar that just got crushed because I'm that guy that shows up to a party with cigars but no lighter, no cutter.

I'm the worst.

So with that, having a cigar in a tube, it's awesome. And another thing, this tube comes with a punch on the top of it. So I'm already ahead. I just need a fire and to light my cigar

Another cool thing is, is that I like conversational pieces. This cigar right here is a different size.

So right off the bat it's already a conversational piece. 

This is a 50 ring gauge. I'm not really sure on the exact dimension of the length of it, but it looks about a four, four and a half. And you can only get these when you buy the collectible package.

Now, the other part of this cigar, right here, the tube, this is not a sticker and it's not a piece of paper. I can't even see a seam for me to peel off, so that's cool. You know that's going to last.

That print is not going to rub off. 

So please get on our website if you're interested in this collectible right here. Ecuadorian wrapper, Peruvian tobacco, very, very good cigar. 

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Other than that, please leave your comments where it belongs and I'll be sure to answer them. Thank you so much.