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Opus 6 Black Released May 2018

Posted by Leah Roberts on 7th May 2019

Hey everybody. What's going on? This is Gerard Wye with Mardo Cigars. Today I'm gonna showcase the Opus 6 and I'm gonna go ahead and open it for you guys to just see what it's all about. 

Now this is from the May 2018, these are released twice a year. It is released anytime between the fall and the winter, and then also in the spring of the year. 

This one is called the Opus 6 Black and before I go any further, I want to show you guys what is inside the package. We have a book of the Fuente story, it's pretty thick, very good read. 

We have a book that's a journey to Chateau de al Fuente. And then we also have the interview book with Carlito. 

Now, a pretty good amount of proceeds of this goes to the charitable foundation and assists all the construction that goes on for the school at the Dominican Republic for the children as well. 

Now what you see right here is the Black Opus 6. And it is a travel humidor that has six very hard to find Opus and Don Arturo cigars.

What you will find inside is the authentication that this is the real product, and then you'll also have a list of what is inside the humidor. I'll go ahead and read them off to you guys real quick. 

We have Opus King Power, which will be this little guy right over here. These are very hard to find, you're not gonna find these as loose sticks on a lot of retail shows. Next one will be Taurus the Bull. 

This is the Forbidden X Taurus the Bull size. And on we have one of the hardest to find right here is the Opus Forbidden X 13 Bilicoso. Moving right along is the the Forbidden X Toro Maduro. And the Don Arturo Anniversario Toro as well and then we also have the beloved Angel's Share Churchill. 

Where you can find these is a whole lot of different retail shops, but for sure get on the website You will find these in stock right now and if anything else that you like, you see, please private message us. Get a hold of us. 

We're here for you, and this is Gerard Wyatt, one more time. 

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