Mardo Money Rewards

Mardo Money Rewards Program

At Mardo Cigars we’ve created a one of a kind opportunity called Mardo Money Rewards. You earn points that can be used like real dollars for future purchases exclusively at To give back early and often to our customers for their loyalty is what it is all about! The more you spend the more you receive!

When you create an account at, you are automatically enrolled in our Mardo Money Rewards Program. You will receive 500 points immediately for joining! 

When you place orders using your Mardo Money Rewards account, you will earn points with every purchase that can be used for future purchases.  We have set some baseline values for earning and redeeming points. You earn 2 point for every $1.00 dollar you spend and you can redeem your points for discounts on future orders.  

We reserve the right to offer limited time offers, product exclusions, and promotions that may alter the earn rate or redemption value of each point.  Please note that you cannot earn points on orders where points are redeemed.

Signing up means you agree to these terms of service.


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