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How To Cleanse Your Palate Before a Cigar

How To Cleanse Your Palate Before a Cigar

Posted by Leah Roberts on 6th Feb 2019

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So How Do You Cleanse The Palate?
Other than that, something that I've been always wanting to share is how to cleanse our palate after a very heavy dinner that has a lot of fat content. 

Ribeyes, many other types of food like pasta, fettuccine Alfredos, deserts like cheesecake or chocolate souffles, anything that has a load of diary content or a lot of fatty meats. 

After dinner, a lot of times these fatty meals coat the entire inner part of our mouth, and if I were to smoke a cigar, which I have experienced many times, is I can't taste the flavors of the cigar as well as I usually do. And that being said, is because I've learned to come find out because the fats are coating my mouth and I can't really taste the flavors.

So, I've learned that I drink a hot cup of coffee or a hot cup of tea to kind of melt away the fats.

Some people like to drink their choice of spirits whether it be rum or whiskey, and they have found that had been helping them a whole lot, too. 

And another thing is also very strong cigars that have a nicotine blast make me feel nauseous, so any time I know I'm going to smoke a very strong cigar, I always bring with me a beverage with a high content of sugar because I have learned that the sugar replaces the nicotine into my bloodstream and it kind of gives me an equilibrium to keep my cool so I don't get all pale and get the nausea.

Other than that, if you guys have any other opinions or anything else you've experienced with the topics that I just discussed, please leave them in our comments and I'll be sure to respond to them. 

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