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Why cigars burn unevenly and what to do? | Cigar Guide

27th Feb 2023

This week we will talk about what to do if your cigar burns fast and how to improve the way you smoke so your cigar keeps a proper temperature for it not to burn out fast. Before we move on, I invite you to read our blog post about the best cigars of 2023, where we offer you the top 3 best cigars we ever taste. Please leave a comment so we can update our post with what you consider a reliable option for our top cigars list.

Why cigar burn on me?

Why does my cigar keep going out?

All right, so this week we're going to talk about what to do if your cigar is going out and it isn't burning properly. Most of the time, your cigar keeps going out because it might be over-humidified. How do I know that? If it keeps going out and the draw turns hard, it's too much condensation within the cigar. There's too much moisture, and the heat causes the tobacco to expand on the inside, and therefore it's hard for it to stay lit and it's hard for it to be smokable.

So check your humidor, and make sure it's not over-humidified. However, if you had a cigar lounge and discreetly move back into the humidor, check the look on the hydrometer, and see the humidification value. If this is continuously happening at a lounge keep visiting as you may want to let the staff or the owner know, "Hey, this is something that I've been noticing."

If there's a way that maybe they can adjust their humidity. And if they tell you to get lost. Then I will move forward with a different cigar lounge with an area that properly stores cigars. And if it's not burning correctly, and it's not an over-humidified cigar, sometimes the construction is a problem.

If your cigar's running a little bit, get a little saliva and dab that area. So therefore, make it kind of below the burn on the cigar and let it sit, just let it do its thing. It usually corrects itself. But if it's continually doing that, and no matter how much you dab it, unfortunately, it is a construction problem. Therefore, ask for an exchange and show them it's not burning properly.

How to stop canoeing a cigar?

canoeign cigar

If it's  canoeing means the entire side of the cigar is burning and the bottom isn't. It looks like a canoe. That's a wrong construction. Sometimes you can't correct that unless the cigar fixes its structure. But canoeing is pretty bad. If it has tunneling means there's a hole in the cigar. You can see it in the ash. That's very wrong construction as well. So, therefore, ask for an exchange and give that cigar another try. These are handmade products. It could happen to the best cigars in the world. It just does.

When it comes to cigars, such as Perfectos or Figurados, which are odd-shaped, what you want to do to have a good burning smoking experience is when clipping a cigar with a tapered end like this, don't clip too much off. Clip a little bit off. Test the draw. If it's too tight, then start cutting off a little bit and a little bit until you get that perfect draw that you feel like you're getting. Because if you cut off too much from the beginning, you can never reverse it, right? So we want to cut off just a little bit to ensure we get that draw.

So, let's say we found our draw, now to light the cigar. As you can see, there's a little nipple at the foot of it. Most people are like, "Oh my gosh, I'm going to burn just that little bit and get the 60-ring gauge aspect of the foot getting lit." So what you can do is take your guillotine cutter just like this and snip off your nipple and then light the cigar in that manner.

So, therefore, you get a better burn with cleaner draws right off the bat. Because if you don't burn this right, you can run on this. And these are very hard to roll. So you want to be a little bit more delicate when burning cigars of such shape.

What to try with a Figurado or Perfecto?

Here's a  Figurado. It is similar kind as a Perfecto, but only in a larger aspect. Again, clip the nipple, start a little bit, and then be more delicate with your torch. I recommend using a single torch flame because it will taper at the bottom. Don't use a four-quad flame. It is monstrous as the big hand you will see in the video. Just torch it. It's just not a very good idea. Be delicate, and have some common sense.

We have a dedicated blog post for those looking at information about top cigar popular brands. I invite you to take a look at it and pass it around so you can learn more about the cigar world and the best of it by  clicking here.

But Anyway, other than that, this cigar I'm smoking is really good. Wow. I'll see you guys next week. Let me know in the comments what you think about this video and if it was helpful or not. Remember to follow us on  Instagram, like us on Facebook, and tell your friends to subscribe to our YouTube channel. See you guys.