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What's So Special About Cuban Cigars?

What's So Special About Cuban Cigars?

Posted by Leah Roberts on 1st Jun 2019

You must have wondered what is it about Cuban cigars that make them so popular here in the US? Is it really worth spending that pretty penny on Cuban cigars? 

Cuban cigars are world famous, not just hugely desired in the US– they are widely known to be the best cigars on the market. 

Tobacco has been one of the most popular industry's in Cuba for hundreds of years. Cuban manufacturers have been producing cigars since the time of King Phillip II of Spain (1527-1598). 

Unfortunately these delicious cigars are not readily available here in the US. Genuine Cuban cigars are hard to come by on the US market, which only makes them more desirable! 

The US embargo from the 1960's has made it difficult to get your hands on Cuban cigars. Luckily though, with today's technology and advancements, you are now able to buy Cuban cigars online and have them shipped into the country!

The first thing you need to understand is that Cuban cigars are special. But why is that?

Other than the fact that they hard to get your hands on, they taste phenomenal too.

Let's talk about Luxury Cuban cigars online– why they are so popular and which high end brands you can find available on the website.

Let's jump right in:

The Strength and The Flavor

The ultimate experience you will get from a Cuban cigar is the strength and flavor. The flavor is often described as spicy, woody and earthy tones.

It is said that the strongest, most authentic smoke will always come from a Cuban cigar. Because of the Cuban cigars strong aroma and flavor, this is not a cigar for beginners, but is greatly preferred by cigar aficionados.

It's important to know that every cigar comes with a unique flavor profile to the region in which the tobacco is grown.

So what makes Cuban cigars have such flavor and strength? Here is the secret:

The Magic of The Ligero Leaf

The secret to Cuban cigars is all in the ligero. These are the top leaves of the tobacco plant– a slower burning leaf that creates a strong flavor profile in a cuban cigar.

And what makes these leaves any different from the other tobacco leaves? 

Think of tobacco in the same way you might think of wine. Just like the grapes used for wine, the quality of tobacco leaves and the final Cuban cigar product depend on many aspects of the environment in which is was grown.

This could be climate, terrain, temperature, wind, rainfall, soil quality, etc.

Therefore, because of Cuba's specific elements, they consistently create fantastic ligero leaves, making Cuban cigars not only flavorful and popular, but also expensively worth it.

Is Spending on Cuban Cigar Worth It?

There is no other answer aside from YES. This is because Cuban cigars online are not cost prohibitive.

You might be surprised to see this despite the fact that it can cost three times more than other cigars, but the truth is that the price is affordable for the quality you are getting 

Always have it in mind that affordable doesn’t mean cheap or low quality.

If you see a reason why Cuban cigars are worth spending on, then you might begin to think about getting Cuban cigars. One of the best ways for you to get Cuban cigars online is to visit where you can find different popular Cuban cigar brands to choose from.


If you have seen Cuban cigars online, you will know how they look like. Historians claim that the Bryon cigar brand is the first to be packaged the way Cuban cigars are being packaged.

One of the reasons why Bryon is expensive and will remain a top brand is the cost of production.

Generally, cigars are meant to sit in an aging room for 60 days but the Bryon cigars sit in the aging room for a year before they are being transported for quality control and packaging. 

The three different blends of the Bryon is Byron “SIGLO XIX ”, Byron “SIGLO XX ” and Byron “SIGLO XXI ”.

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AVO Cigars

This is one of the most prestigious Cuban cigar brands found online. 

The Avo cigar is a delicious blend and boasts of about 2 million super premium stick annual sale. 

The cigar is beautifully constructed with fine premium leaves, Dominican long-filler leaves an amazing wrapper to give a smooth and creamy taste with an amazing aroma. 

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This Cuban cigar is a collaboration between Rocky Patel cigars and Drew estate and is a very complicated cigar. 

Java cigar is a multifaceted blend of coffee beans, tobacco, espresso, and chocolate. The smooth creaminess is what makes the cigar a top brand. 

You can enjoy java cigars with your morning coffee or after your dinner dessert. 

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This is a family produced Cuban cigar. This cigar and it's tobacco remains as one of the finest you will find across the globe. 

The rolling and storage facility is unique with enough tobacco to serve you. Every year, Padron records export sales of more than 4 million cigars which is why they are referred to as the standard in the premium cigar world.

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