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Top 5 Cigars for a Road Trip

Top 5 Cigars for a Road Trip

Posted by Tyler Enos on 7th Oct 2019

Going on a road trip and needs some amazing cigars? Watch to the end of this video for five great cigars, when you hit the road. 

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This is Neil and Gerard with and we've been at this for a long time on this wonderful journey in the cigar industry for many, many years. Now we want to share all of our experience with you. So stay tuned. So now, Gerard is going to go over our picks for top five cigars for a road trip. So without further ado, G, tell them about our morning sticks.

Cigar Number 1

Absolutely. So within our five-pack, we have morning sticks that we're going to talk about. This is the FQ Phenom. This is the number one Churchill-size in a Connecticut wrapper. I recommend this cigar because you're going to be moseying around in the morning, taking a late start. This is a phenomenal cigar that will pair with your coffee. It's nice and mild. It's not too diluted. It's got a lot of flavor, a lot of toastiness and nuttiness in there as well. It's going to last about an hour. So I highly recommend the FQ Phenom. Also, this is a Fernandez family, they're meticulous about their product, they're truly boutique and they only come out with about a thousand boxes throughout the whole entire year. So that's why I chose FQ, because it's boutique, it's a very elegant cigar. So that's going to be one of the morning smokes that I'm going to recommend.


Cigar Number 2

Second morning stick that I'm going to recommend. This beauty right here is a Lancero. This thing is phenomenal, gets a lot of great ratings it's the Southern Draw, Rose of Sharon, Lancero. For the price-point, it's one of the best Lancero's on the market. So, this Rose of Sharon is definitely on my top list for morning smoke. Pairs very well with coffee as well. If you guys are not familiar with the Rose of Sharon, they were rated 100 and so I got to have that in there.


Cigar Number 3

So, that's another one of my top picks for a morning smoke. All right, so next we're going to talk about in the mid-day cigar. For me, a mid-day cigar would be something a little bit, not too strong, not too mild, but full flavor. I want a lot of abundance within my smoke. When I say abundance, I mean abundance of flavors. I like it complex. I chose Aladino, and I went with the Gordo because I want a lot more tobacco in there. Aladino, if you guys are not familiar with Aladino, they're the ones who created the Camacho brand and they sold it to Davidoff. They had a five-year non-compete contract. So, once that contract was up, they came up with their own brand, Aladino, under JRE Tobacco, this is all Honduran. It is their natural Aladino, and this is a definitely a beauty. I love the size. It's not too strong, not too mild, as I said. So, for you guys as a mid-day smoke, you want some of that flavor but you don't want it to overpower, I highly recommend something from Aladino for sure.

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Keep going, G.

Cigar Number 4

All right. Then we're going to go right into our after-dinner cigar. So, this is going to be something that's going to give you a lot more pepper hint, spicy. It's going to be a little bit stronger in nicotine as well as in flavor. So this is another beautiful new cigar on the market called Antigua Esteli. Obviously, Esteli being Nicaraguan, this is a Nicaraguan cigar and this has a Habano Oscuro wrapper on it. Now, this cigar to me, has the characteristics of, kind of like a Padron Anniversario. The reason why I chose this cigar is because it's newer on the market, so I want to introduce a lot of new smokers to something very new. Also Art Garcia, the the brain behind this brand, at the recent IPCPR trade show, he won for the size of his booth.

He won best of the trade show and that was pretty cool award for the guy. Many top hitters, heavy hitters, like I consider Skip Martin, those guys from RoMa have smoked this and they posted on their our personal Instagram that this thing was solid. So there you go. That's why we want to include this as one of the after cigars for the guys that want something a little bit stronger, more to it.

Cigar Number 5

So, okay, so next we're going to talk about, speaking of Skip Martin and RoMa Craft. This actually came out of the Nica Sueño factory, which was their factory in Nicaragua. Now this looks small, but don't let it fool you. This is a Guaimaro box-press, Corona, all Nicaraguan. A little bit of history under ... Excuse me, after Guaimaro. Guaimaro is Disla's nickname. So Disla is the master blender for Nica Sueño, which makes the RoMa Craft, Powstanie.

They make Fable cigars, but this, Guaimaro right here ... Why I chose Corona, is because it packs a lot of flavor. The wrapper ratio to the filler and the binder is just perfect in this cigar. It's just going to be a perfect dessert cigar after dinner. It will satisfy your palate. I don't care how big of a guy you are. I don't care how an amazing, developed palate you may have, give this thing a try. Don't judge a book by its cover, as they say. So don't judge the cigars by its size. It will definitely impress. So, Guaimaro Corona box-pressed as another after-dinner cigar.

So, now you have five amazing sticks for every time of the day, when you're out on a road trip or enjoying your weekend getaway. Just for you, we put together a road trip sampler of each of these great cigars with a coupon code for 20% off. So don't miss out on these. Make sure you go done there to our comments and click on the description below to get your coupon code.

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