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Tobacco Plus Expo 2020 Las Vegas

Posted by Tyler Enos on 3rd Feb 2020

What's going on everybody, this is Gerard, We are here at the TPE20, Tobacco Plus Expo. So we're going to go in there and take a look at the show, take a look at some of the hot points, what's going on. But, before we get going, remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel and remember to always click on that bell to be notified every single week with Mondays with Mardo.

All right, so we are here at Cavalier Geneve with owner Sebastien Decoppet.

Hey Mardo, how are you doing?

I'm doing very well. Thanks for having us as, excited to be here at TPE20. This is their first debut of the TPE20, so it is ours too. So if you guys aren't familiar with Cavalier Geneve, their motto is, "Smoke gold, stay gold." Or is it the other way around? Stay gold, smoke gold.

No, it's, "Smoke gold, stay gold." Yeah.

So one of the cool things that they don't even have it at the trade show yet which is the Black II Series, or the Black Series II, a salomon size. Unfortunately it is so exclusive, it's not even available at the trade show yet, but we did put an order in. So we will have them at So it is going to be the Cavalier Black series II in the salomon size. So we are looking at, when you think the release will be for that?

So it is between March and April and it's something that is exclusive to retailers that are here. So small batch make sure to grab some because they're going to go fast.

Wonderful, so March or April we'll have them available. Thank you so much bro.

Thank you Mardo.

All right, let's go see what else we can do. All right you guys. I'm here with Oscar the man and he came up with something special. The Superfly. You guys are very well aware of it. The fuller body smoke. But now this pink box has a beautiful Connecticut. It's a box of tank. Correct.


So I'm going to let Oscar and elaborate on this blend and the limited run I believe. Right. So let me take off my microphone so I can get you if you don't mind holding this.

No problem man.

All right, let us talk about the Superfly.

The SuperFly, the original Superfly What is smoking right now? It's a maduro wrapper from Mexico but, I'm very excited for that product. You know the filler is Honduran, Nicaraguan, and Dominican the same of the Superfly Maduro Connecticut wrapper for Honduras. It's like a little bit more than mild, but a lot of flavors, sweetness and creamy.

Just one size, Corona size and a man. That response from the consumer right now. It's amazing. That's.

So this is not an Ecuadorian Connecticut?

No that's Honduran Connecticut.

I've never had Honduran Connecticut. So that's going to be a first for me and I don't think the industry is very familiar with a Honduran Connecticut.

Yeah. Yeah. But you know these, I liked the Connecticut wrapper for Honduras. It's a lot of sweetness, creamy and beautiful blend with Dominican, Nicaragua, and Honduras and the filler blender. So it's very balanced cigar.

So how many boxes are you doing as a first release?

What did I show? Just 500 boxes.

Only 500 boxes.

Yeah, boxes of ten.

And when are we going to receive these?

Second week of February.

Second week of February. Only 500 boxes to be released. You have to be at the trade show to order it. So we are here with, we will have this available for you guys. I'm very excited. Thank you so much Oscar. Pleasure meeting you guys. This guy's the man and if you guys don't know, or are not familiar with this product, shame on you. Not on us. We'll see what else we're going to do around the show.

Thank your guys.

All right guys, Gerard with Mardo Cigars again here. Day two of the TPE 20 so right in front of me I got Aganorsa Leaf, phenomenal cigar. So we're going to wind down a show, but I want to tell you guys about, this is a new cigar that's coming out. It's going to be shipping in March and this is called Supreme Leaf. This is a Corojo' 99 dominant blend. It's all Nicarguan puro. They're only going to be making 500 boxes of these, so keep your eyes peeled on our website if you're Aganorsa Leaffan like I am, these things are phenomenal. I smoked one yesterday, even Neil, my business partner smoked one yesterday. We love it.

We're very excited to have them. One downfall is that we're limited to so many boxes cause they only making 500 so get your eyes peeled to because these things when they're in, they're going to sell out. Very, very good cigar. Other than that, we're going to wrap up for today and we're going to head back to the airport. So, hey, remind us, excuse me, remember, follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube channel. And if you do attend to TPE or if you have any comments, please leave them down below. I'll see you next week on Mondays and Mardo.