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The Luxury of Sinistro Brand Cigars

The Luxury of Sinistro Brand Cigars

Posted by Makenzie Gorringe on 1st Mar 2019

Mardo Cigars offers a large assortment of brands, strengths, lengths, and flavors. Just about anything you’re looking for--we have it!

One of the many brands that we offer is Sinistro- a fan favorite.

Sinistro Cigars Founding

Sinistro Cigars has over three decades of experience in the tobacco industry and is based in Glendale, California.

James Agopian and Coleman Fine are the owners and founders of Sinistro. Combined, they have experience in both brand ownership as well as in retail. 

Those behind the design of the cigars have traveled to the world’s most renowned cigar producing regions in search of the perfect ingredients that would make for the perfect smoke.

They have put large amounts of time into creating cigars that you will love. Their attention to detail and quality can be seen and tasted in every stick.

Sinistro Cigars obsesses over excellence and has a passion for tobacco.

What a perfect combination to ensure you are getting cigars that are of the highest quality!

Their passion regularly leads Sinistro’s band of brothers around the world to continually find the best products that will create the best cigars.

Classic Sinistro Cigars Lines

Each cigar is hand-rolled by some of the most gifted cigar rollers under the supervision of a cigar aficionado.

What quality!

All of the cigars are rolled in one of the world’s most historic cigar factories in the Dominican Republic, “La Aurora”.

The Sinistro brand has grown quite a bit since it was originally founded.

It all began with three core lines that helped propel the company forward.

Those lines: Mr. White, Mr. Red, and Mr. Black.

From the Mr. White, Mr. Red, and Mr. Black lines, each blend comes in five sizes:






The Mr. White cigar has a Dominican wrapper and a binder from Ecuador and Cameroon. The filler is from the Dominican Republic, USA (Connecticut/Pennsylvania), Nicaragua, and Andullo.

Mr.White has creamy hazelnut tones as well as roasted nuts and aged cedar. Adding in flavors of burnt butterscotch and white pepper- this is a cigar that you will love!

Mr. Red is a cigar with a wrapper from San, Andres and a binder from Ecuador, with a filler from the Dominican Republic, USA, and Nicaragua.

With a true oily San Andres wrapper with loads of flavor, Mr. Red has the pleasant aroma of coffee bean and chocolate as well as toasted nuts.

These aromas and flavors combined with a hint of white spice to create the perfect blend.

Another favorite of Sinistro Cigars is Mr. Black.

Mr. Black has both a wrapper and a binder from Nicaragua, with a filler that is from the Dominican Republic, USA, and Nicaragua.

When you light the cigar, you are instantly able to take in the roasted nuts and dark cacao. These flow into flavors of aged spice and cream caramel.

The cream of the caramel intensifies as you progress, which creates a beautiful finish of the cigar.

Sinistro Habana Vieja

The next line that Sinistro released after their original three lines of cigars was the Habana Vieja line.

In the Habana Vieja line, each blend comes in six sizes:


-Fat Robusto



-Scala (Limited Edition)


The Sinistro Habana Vieja line has a wrapper from Nicaragua and its origin is from the Dominican Republic. Its filler is from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua.

On this cigar, there is a good inch of an uncovered foot.

There are flavors of chocolate as well as some oak, and as the cigar continues to burn, there are hints of cinnamon and syrup followed by a more earthy flavor of redwood.

Towards the end of the burn, you are able to feel a buttermilk creaminess, kiwi, and a flavor of black pepper.

Other lines that we sell here at Mardo Cigars from Sinistro are Last Cowboy and Honor Among Thieves.

These lines are a bit newer to the game but have proven to be just as successful as Sinistro’s earlier lines.

Sinistro Last Cowboy

Last Cowboy is a line that was released early in 2018 and has been a great success. It contains a blend that was in the works for over two years.

No wonder everyone loves it!

Sinistro Cigars wanted the artwork to have a specific look--an original hand-drawn design-- so they reached out to a designer in the Netherlands to complete the look.

The blend has a three-year-old aged Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper, Mexican San Andres binder, and Dominican Piloto Cubano filler.

When you first light the cigar, flavors of natural tobacco, roasted cashews and rich dark chocolate with an aroma of campfire and cedar will permeate.

Further into the burn, flavors of coffee, rich dark chocolate with a mild leather spice will be released. This cigar truly is a work of art!

Sinistro Honor Among Thieves

The Honor Among Thieves cigar has a rough and rugged appearance to match its rich flavors. It was released in the last quarter of 2018.

It starts out with aroma of cedar and chocolate off of the toasted foot with immediate flavors of cedar char, leather, and orange peel.

As the blend settles, the flavors of espresso, semi-sweet chocolate, sweet cedar, and a hint of sweet dried fruit and raisins envelop the taste buds.

Later on in the burn, there are appearances of strong black coffee and rich cedar. A spicy black pepper flavor remains full from the first light.

The wrapper is Brazilian Cubra Maduro with a filler of Nicaraguan Ligero, Piloto Ligero, Corojo Ligero, Dominican Ligero, and Pennsylvania Broadleaf.

The strengths of the Sinistro cigars all vary between full to medium with a few medium-full choices in between.

The Sinistro Cigar company is a brand that has been gaining more popularity as they release more lines of cigars.

Each time a new line is released, the time and effort that was put into the cigars are felt, tasted, and smelt as you light one up and enjoy the high quality of a Sinistro cigar.

Come on into Mardo Cigar Store in Laguna Niguel so you can see the quality of the Sinistro Cigar yourself.