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The Box Pressed Cigars | Beginners Cigar Guide

27th Mar 2023

In this article, we will explore the difference between box pressed cigars and trunk-pressed cigars and discuss why they exist. The author invites readers to be curious about this topic and suggests watching their videos or exploring their box-press store category to become familiar with these types of cigars.. 

Mardo's cigar for beginners

Don't move further if you have never seen a  box-press or a trunk-press cigar. I invite you to be curious about the topic and watch our videos to meet them or move around our box-press store category, where you can find our box-press variants.

Difference between trunk and box press cigars

All right, so we're going to get right into it. So what I did is I got us a trunk press and a box press. A box press is also called a soft box press cigar. The reason is that the edges of a soft box press cigar or a box press cigar edges are more rounded, the reason why it's considered more of a soft press. The difference between that and a trunk press is that a trunk press cigar will have a 90-degree hard line.

And when it comes to  trunk press cigars, the labels are placed on the cigars before they are placed in the mold and the trunk press. Because once you have them already in the shape of a trunk press, it will be challenging to get those hard edges to bend on the label and maintain the adhesive in the back. So, therefore it doesn't come undone. So that's why they press the label on the cigar already in the mold. It is a meticulous and detailed process.

Pressed box cigars, my opinion!

Box press and trunk press, the history of how these cigars came about is certainly unclear, but we do say it may have been a pre-embargo Cuban type of roll. One of the reasons that I have found that they ... I don't know if it's called a myth, or would it be a myth, I should say, is that couple of reasons. It can maximize the space in the box for packaging because round-shaped cigars could take up a little bit more space.

So, therefore if you have those hard-line angles, it might be able to store these things and save some space. You can make the box smaller or put more cigars in there. I would assume that you want to put more cigars in there. Making the box small is not going to cut down on operational costs. If your cigar is an inch a little bit bigger or smaller, it's not going to make a big difference.

So therefore, I think if you put an extra cigar in a box, however, it will increase your profit margin. Or not necessarily your profit margin, but you can sell more cigars. So I'll keep it simple.

And then another myth is that cigars when they're placed on the table like if they're round. They can roll or fall and end in damage. So therefore, when it comes to a soft or box press cigar when you place it on an ashtray or the tabletop. It won't roll off. I don't know if that's the reason, but it sounds good.

And then one last reason is that during the packaging since it has harder edges. It could cause less damage during transport.


Does it make a difference in the burn or the taste and flavor of the cigar? I don't think so. I never get caught up if a cigar is a box pressed or if it is just a Parejo, which means a round cigar. I don't care. I just like smoking cigars. I don't care if it's a Belicoso or if it's just a regular traditional cap, or if it's a 109 Belicoso cap, a Figurado, or whatever. I only want to smoke a good cigar. To me is all about knowing how to cut a cigar, light it, and how to smoke one.

Hopefully, you found this useful. I hope it was kind of fun. Don't forget to visit our Mardo's  Blog, where you can find other blog posts, such as the cigar guide for popular cigar brands Vitolas, by clicking here.

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