Opus 6 Black Released May 2018

Posted by Leah Roberts on 7th May 2019

Hey everybody. What's going on? This is Gerard Wye with Mardo Cigars. Today I'm gonna showcase the Opus 6 and I'm gonna go ahead and open it for you guys to just see what it's all about. Now … read more
​How Dominican Cigars Are Made

​How Dominican Cigars Are Made

Posted by Leah Roberts on 7th May 2019

Under the right conditions, tobacco will grow just about anywhere; every tobacco-growing country has its own indigenous tobacco. However, in recent years, the Dominican Republic has easily become … read more

Interview With Sinistro Cigars Owner- James

Posted by Leah Roberts on 3rd Apr 2019

Thanksgiving of 2018 Gerard: Hey, everybody. What's going on? This is Gerard with Today I have here with me my personal friend and owner of Sinistro Cigars and also ow … read more

Ultra Premium Atabey Cigars

Posted by Leah Roberts on 3rd Apr 2019

What's going on, everyone? This is Gerard with What I have in front of me here today is this Ultra Premium cigar called Atabey. Now, the man behind this brand is called Nels … read more

How To Detect Cigar Strengths and Flavors

Posted by Leah Roberts on 5th Mar 2019

What's going on everybody, this is Gerard with, and today we're going to be discussing cigar flavors and hints. Now, one of the things that I use a lot to find out about cigars is … read more

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