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Mardo Cigars VIRTUAL Event with Danny Vazquez of RoMa Craft on May 29th

22nd May 2020

Come and check out our Mardo Cigars Virtual Event with Danny Vazquez from RoMa Craft 

and enter our drawing with a chance to win a bunch of great prizes!

Here is how it works:

Purchase a 

 RoMa Craft Black Irish Sampler

RoMa Craft Black Irish “Blind Sampler”

for $70 now through May 29th and you will receive a Raffle Ticket 

for our LIVE drawing on May 29th for a chance to win some great prizes! * (No other discounts can be applied) *

If you spend $70 you will receive 1 tickets, $140 – 2 Tickets etc.

You can place as many orders as you would like through May 29th while supplies last. 

We will have a “Live” event via 

social media with live comments and interaction while we all enjoy RoMa Craft Cigars! 

There will be a bunch of Prizes and swag raffled off such as:

Hats and T-Shirts

Cutters & Lighters

Cigar Stands


With every order placed we will respond to your order confirmation email with the raffle ticket numbers earned with each purchase.

We will have a “Raffle Ticket Drum” where all tickets will be stored until the drawing May 29 th at 4:00 PM PDT.

Come have fun with us and enjoy a great time!