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Mail Call at Mardo Cigars

Mail Call at Mardo Cigars

Posted by Tyler Enos on 13th Sep 2019

What's going on everyone. This is Gerard, Mardo Cigars. Mail call at Mardo's.


Today's mail call.

Back in stock: Plasencia Alma del Fuego. Always on back order, finally we got it back in stock. Secondly, the newest size from Flor del Valle, made by Warped. Seleccion de Valle, boxes of 20 now in stock at Mardo Cigars.

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First Up

Alma del Fuego back in stock, and why is Gerard so darned excited about it? Well, the tobacco that I'm falling in love with recently is Ometepe, and this cigar boasts it in two different parts of it. And it's a double binder, so it's two binders. One of the binders is Ometepe tobacco, and then half of the filler is also Ometepe.

Now, what is Ometepe? Ometepe is a region in the southern western part of the country of Nicaragua. It's a island made of two volcanoes and it's a very small island where they can't create and produce enough tobacco for large-quantity production. So it's very limited tobacco. It's very good. I love the hints and the notes of it, and it almost tastes like a sweet molasses with pepper in it.

It's very hard to describe, but it's very distinct. I've truly, truly fallen in love with it. And then the wrapper is also a sun-grown wrapper from the Jalapa Valley. Now, other than the Ometepe tobacco, everything else is grown by the Plasencia family. So Plasencia has been making cigars for people for a very long time. As of recently they said, "Well, what the heck, we going to make cigars for ourselves," and therefore, now you have the Plasencia.

And this is the newest one, Alma del Fuego, back in stock. These things had flew off the shelf last time we had them. They just got introduced to the IPCPR 2019 and, from there on, we'll just keep ordering them. They'll be broken down into five-packs, singles, and the boxes are very unique, just like the other Almas.

This is the third release of the five Almas that they're going to be producing. Just like the others, the lid of the box serves as an ashtray. And then you had the tray of ten cigars that come with it.

So these are the 5x50. That's what we've got in stock. These things are so hot that we can't get enough of it, and then what we got was just a robusto size, so better than nothing. I'm very happy about it. 5x50, perfect size, box-pressed, beautiful cigar. Go to and get yours today.

Second Up

Okay. And second up in today's mail call is Warped. Their news addition to the Flor del Valle line is the Seleccion de Valle. That's the name of the size. This is a six inch by 52 ring-gauge cigar.

Now, something that's unique about this cigar than any other, it has the 109-style cap. And what is the 109-style cap? It is a hybrid between a traditional cap and a belicoso. As you can see, this one is not as exaggerated but still somewhat pointy. A 6x52, one of my favorite sizes. You have just enough filler, just enough wrapper to ratio of the filler. It's not too much filler and not too little. And therefore you get a very good, well-balanced cigar smoke out of this.

Now, why do I like this cigar a lot? It has one of my favorite tobaccos, which is a Corojo, and this is a Corojo 99 wrapper. As well as the filler is Corojo 99 and along with it, blended a Criollo noventa ocho, which means Criollo 98. So these are made in Nicaragua under the TABSA factory. Very great cigar. They come in a box of 20 and we will be having these broken down into five-packs and singles, as well.

I'm excited to have this new lineup of Warped in our repertoire, so I'm going to be definitely smoking this today and maybe we'll even do a review on it. Other than that, smells great.

Okay, everyone. So thanks for watching today's mail call. The most important part about these videos is your guys's engagement. I want to hear from you, so please put your comments down below. Let me know what you think of the Alma del Fuego, and also Flor del Valle. If you haven't tried it, and if you have any questions, I'm Gerard, at Reach out to me anytime.