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How To Pick Out The Right Cigar For Beginners

How To Pick Out The Right Cigar For Beginners

Posted by Tyler Enos on 4th Nov 2019

Hey, what's going on everyone? This is Gerard with, and I have a process that's broken down to three easy steps on how to pick the perfect cigar for yourself, but before I get started, I need your guys' help. We're trying to grow and build our YouTube channel. So, I need you not only subscribe and click on the bell to be notified for every single new episode we come out with, but I need you to tell your friends so we can grow this thing and continue making these videos. So, we need your support. You know the drill.

Step 1

Step one, we're going to talk about the strength of this cigar, and I'm going to share with you a tip I still use today after many years of smoking, that gives me some ease when I walk into a cigar shop for the first time. Let's admit, it can still be somewhat intimidating. So, the tip is, is that I give them a compliment, and the way I do that is when I walk in for the first time, I'll say something like this, "This is a very nice shop. I'm from out of town. I'm really happy I found you guys. By the way, I'm looking for a certain type of cigar. I'm wondering who can give me some help." So, now I give him a compliment. I'm at ease. They probably like me and I got some assistance, and when we walk into humidor, the first question that I pose is, "I'm looking for a medium strength cigar."

So, what is the difference between mild, medium and full strength cigars? So, I broke it down to this. A mild cigar is going to be a cigar that's not going to have a lot of nicotine, and medium, obviously it's going to have a little bit more, and a full body, excuse me, a full strength cigar is going to be something that's going to give me a nicotine blast. It's going to be very strong in body as well, and therefore, if I am in the middle of my day, I don't want a full strength cigar. I want something more of a mild strength cigar with very little of the nicotine. I don't want a lot of spice. I want a very big head change. I'm going to stick to a mild strength cigar, so that is the question that I go with first is the type of strength cigar that I'm looking for.

Step 2

Now that we hammered out step one, the strength of the cigar, we're going to talk about step two, the flavor of a cigar. Now, we have flavored cigars on the market that can get very specific to cherry, chocolate, and rum. However, in this video we are talking about handmade premium cigars that are not infused, so the type of natural flavors and hints we're talking about that you will find in cigars could be something like vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, toasted almonds, so we have those aspects of flavored cigars that also give you some creaminess that's very pleasant. Those are going to be the prominent flavors. Then we go right into the earthy hints, which are going to be like cedar, redwood, obviously some earthiness, and that's going to be the other aspect of the flavors of cigars that you're going to find. Then we go right into somewhat of dark chocolate, coffee bean and obviously lots and lots of pepper.

So, now that you have broken it down to three different parameters, the flavors where you've got the creamy with the toasted almonds, we've got the little bit of earthiness with some redwood or cedar, and then obviously if you want more of a coffee and a dark chocolate with a lot of pepper, you can approach the individual and say, "Hey, I'm looking for a medium strength cigar, and I want redwood cedar, very earthy hints and flavors." So now we're going to segue right into step three. So stay tuned.

Step 3

Step three we're going to talk about the size of a cigar, in this case Back2Back Connecticut, 5 x 50 and a 6 x 60. This is going to determine how a cigar is going to burn and how it's going to taste. Let's get right into the 5 x 50. The 5 x 50 is a five inch cigar with a 50 ring gauge, and the balance is very good on a cigar like this, but compared to a 6 x 60 where the filler is a lot more prominent than the wrapper, you're going to taste more of the fillers so therefore they're going to burn a little different. This cigar will give you more of the hints of the cigar, and it's going to burn a little bit milder than the robusto dope.

In order for me to break it down a little bit further, we're going to go into the plant of this cigar. The top portion of a plant of a tobacco, excuse me, of a tobacco plant. I'm being a little repetitive, is called them the Ligero leaves. Bottom part of that is going to be the Viso. Then you get into the Seco. When you use the Ligero and Seco in a cigar, especially in a smaller ring age, you're going to taste more of the Ligero than you would in this Seco. In a larger ring gauge cigar, you're going to have a much more balance between the Ligero and the Seco.

The Seco always burns a little bit lighter because it's thinner. It helps the consistency of the burn. So, to fill up a cigar, you have to balance them just right. You've got to get interactive. You got to get out there and smoke and get to know the differences. But, we broke it down to you in three easy step, the strength, the flavor, and now we talked about the size.

Final Thoughts

So, now you should know how to pick a cigar in three easy steps, the strength, the flavor, and the size, and I know that you guys have your own way of how to do things. We need you guys to get engaged. Throw me a comment. Let me know if did you like this video? Would you like to see something else that I missed out? Other than that, I'm Gerard. Thanks for watching Mondays with Mardo's.