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Does the RH affect the cigar tasting ? | Cigar Guide

Does the RH affect the cigar tasting ? | Cigar Guide

10th Apr 2023

Hi, welcome to another episode of Mondays with Mars. I'm Gerard, and this week we will talk about how the RH affects cigar tasting. What the heck does RH mean? Well, let's talk about that, but before I get going, I need you to click on the sub button. Click on the bell to be notified every single week of new episodes on Mondays with Mars.

RH can affect cigar tasting

All about RH and cigars

RH means relative humidity, and it's measured in percentage, right? I'm going to get one thing clear here. So if you have a wood humidor, you want to use Boveda, and you want it to be at 72%  RH because wood can absorb some humidity, and you want it to rob... You do not want it to rob from your cigars.

Now, if you don't have a wood  humidor, acrylic, small cigar case made of plastic, wineador, or winador, one of those refrigerated styles, and you don't want to use the humidification system that comes with it. You might be looking to use it at a 69% RH level. Therefore, you will not have that wood to rob the humidity from your cigars. And does that affect the taste of your cigars?

I am a big believer that RH levels can highly affect the taste of your  cigars, and how could that be? Well, if your cigar is too dry, it's going to dry the oils from your cigar, and at this point, you're not going to get the wanted flavor as it will burn too quickly because it's dry and it's going to create a lot of smoke.

At this point, your cigar will taste more like cardboard, and it won't be a pleasant experience. And when I lit it was just really smoking cardboard. Did I taste the cigar? Of course, I did, but not the expected taste because I've had that cigar before where it was well humidified at the right level.

Why cigar tasting can be affected by RH

What about Overhumidified Cigars?

Now, let's go to the other side of the spectrum. If your cigar is over-humidified, it's going to affect the taste of your cigar because an over-humidified cigar will have too much moisture.

So when, therefore, I'm burning the cigar, you are burning moisture that will cause a lot more smoke, and that's going to affect the flavor because it's going not to dilute. But then there will be some robbing of the flavor because the moisture content's too high and will affect your draw.

When a cigar is too moist, it will be challenging to draw because the moisture creates some sort of condensation. I don't know if that's the right word, you guys, but what happens is that since the cigars are too moist, the heat's making it expand, and it's going to make it harder to draw. It's going to plug the cigar.

And as a matter of fact, it can also make sure that the cigar is not burning well because there's so much condensation and too much moisture in there.

Digital or Analog hydrometer?

So should have to keep relighting the cigar if you put it down. It's going to go out too soon. So to dial down your humidor, you will need a  hydrometer.

Will it be digital, an analog? That is up to you. I like to have digital. A good, precise hydrometer is truly paramount in this situation. So good storage of your cigars will affect the flavor of your cigar.

Let me know in the comments if you agree with me or have feedback. Other than that, I'll see you guys next week. Remember to follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook, and tell your friends to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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