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Cigars Guide - This Cigar Really Surprised Me

16th Aug 2022

Hi and welcome to another episode of Monday's with Mardo I'm Gerard this week I'm going to

talk about something that i have recently tried and I was really impressed by it 

this is our work area right here as you can tell we work very hard

all right there's a couple of cigars here we're going to talk about

and I'm going to bring this with me so basically the topic of this video is the cigar that really

surprised me yes it did and that is the Stillwell star cigar by the man himself Steve Saka

um I'm not sure if you guys ever met Steve Saka he used to work for drew state he was a blender there

he had a lot to do with the uh creation of the Liga Privada cigars that we all love

since then he went on his own he started a company called Dunbarton cigars

excuse me Dunbarton tobacco and trust and he has a lot of cigars that he makes but one

of the ones that he just recently added to his portfolio is still well star now what's so big

about Stillwell star as four different blends two of them are gonna be more of a cavendish

and two of them are going to be more of a latakia you'll be wondering what the heck

I'm talking about these are terms used in pipe tobacco world that's right pipe tobacco what does

pipe tobacco have anything to do with cigars well in this blend it has a lot to do with it

the one that i really liked is the bayou number 32 and the bayou number 32 had that cavendish very

sweet smell to it I'm right here smelling it right now and this cigar when I first lit it I was very

skeptical i thought it was a joke i thought it was some kind of gimmick but once I smoked it by god

let me tell you it was delicious very smooth very well balanced the pipe tobacco blended with the

tobaccos from the cigar mesh very very well now I've heard he only uses two grams of pipe

tobacco and these blends so I'm very surprised at how much of an influence it has on the flavor

but very well done my hat goes off to you Steve and everything you do always comes out very well

so if you're interested there's the aromatic number one the bio number 32 which are gonna

be more on the sweeter side and he's got the navy blue number 20 no navy number 1056

and then the other one is called i think i have it right here English number 27. the

English number 27 and the navy 1056 are more of that latakia it's going to have that more of the

kind of like pungent tobacco flavor when it comes to pipes I'm not a big very big fan of

it but when it comes to the navy 1056 the second third of the cigar really opens up and changes

completely different profile and I really really liked it so anyways I'm rambling on and I want to

cut out and I want to say try the Stillwell star we do have at other than that let

me hear in the comments what you think of this cigar if you've tried if you haven't go smoke

one come back and tell me and then we'll get into a debate other than that remember to follow us on

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