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Cigars 101 - Top 5 Things NOT to do while Smoking Cigars

25th Jul 2022

Hi, and welcome to another episode of Mondays with Mardo, I'm Gerard, and this week we're going to talk about the five things not to do while smoking your cigar. We're going to get right into it. I got my pen. I'm getting really serious.

Number one, "Be considerate of people around you, down-wind." What the heck does this mean? So, if you are in a city that does not allow indoor smoking, you want go outside, you want to find a bench. You want to go to a park, a picnic table, wherever you want to go. You want to be in the outdoors, and you want to light your cigar, and you want to be in peace. Well, be considerate of other people that are thinking the same thing. They want go outdoors. They want to enjoy peace of mind. They want to have some quiet time. They want to read a book or they want to walk their dog, and they can be downwind from you, and cigar smoke can be very heavy and it could be very, very obnoxious to some people.

Although it is very aromatic for us, just be considerate of people that are around you. So you may want to find a place that is not as windy and plus wind and cigar smoking don't really go hand in hand, because it could disrupt the burn on your cigar. So if it's windy out there, you may not even want to smoke. Maybe just go for a leisure walk. But if you do just be considered people around you.

Number two, keep the ash respectful. Stacking dimes can get pretty messy. What the heck am I talking about on what is stacking dimes? When you are smoking in cigar and the ash gets very, very big. When you turn it upright and you look at it looks like little tiny stacks of coins of dimes. And that's what we call it stacking dimes.

And when you are in cigar lounge and you're smoking your cigar and you're trying to show off a very big ash, what's going to happen eventually it's going to fall, get over your clothes. It's going to get messy. You're going to have to brush it off. Which, if it's a carpeted area or if it has a rug or anything like that, you're going to just be blowing that ash everywhere and it's going to get messy. And it's not very, very respectful. There's people around you so be very, very considerate.

Number three at lounges, keep the politics out. People are there to relax and have a good time. Not debate. The worst thing is talking politics when I'm sitting in the lounge, and I just want it to be quiet. What I usually do is I get on my phone, I put on my headphones and I just tune into a series that I'm into. Or if I want to get on YouTube channel, I just go ahead and do that. Or if I do want to start out a conversation with someone, I usually introduce myself, tell them my name and get to know them a little bit.

There's always a little bit of history about people. Ask them if they have any brothers or sisters, what got them into cigar smoking? What is their favorite cigar? There's so much more to talk about than politics. That is the biggest turnoff that I've ever, ever heard of. That's just my opinion, but we are talking about things we have not to do at a cigar lounge.

Number four, this is another one. Don't brag about the Cubans that you smoke. Oh my God, this is the worst. I went to a outdoor patio. One time of a restaurant. I was smoke in a cigar. That was an empty seat right next to me, just jump and asked if he could sit. I said, yes, absolutely. He asked me what I was smoking. And I told him what it was. He had never heard of it. And he showed me, oh, I like Cuban cigars.

He showed me his cigar. Little did he know that thing was a fugazi as hell. And does a fugazi mean? It was fake as heck. The guy was so uneducated on cigars he didn't even know he was smoking a fake Cuban cigar. And he kept bragging to me about how of a great price he gets these things and yada, yada, yada. I just didn't have it. Any me to tell the guy that he is a M-O-R-O-N. Or R-R-O-N? And I am a moron for not even knowing how to spell it. But he was basically a moron for not even knowing what the guy was smoking. So please do not brag about the Cuban cigars that you smoked. It's just a big turn off. We don't need to know. Just enjoy your cigar and shut up.

Number five, when you are done, don't stomp it out. Let it just go out. Exactly. When you are smoking cigar, it is not a cigarette. You do not want to do this to the astray and the cigar. You do not do that. It just creates more of a smoke. It gets very, very obnoxious. It stinks. It sucks. It stinks your fingers, it's all over and it gets underneath your fingernails. And it just gross. Just simply put the cigar in the astray. Voila, just like that and walk away like Johnny So Cool or Cool Hand Luke, is that who he is? Anyways I'm not that cool. Obviously you can tell that I don't even what the heck I'm talking about when it comes to saying some cool stuff. But I do know that I just put the cigar down, I'll walk away and I look pretty cool.

So these are the five things that you do not want to do when you're smoking cigars. Let me know in the comments what you think of these tips and tricks. Other than that, I'll see you next week on the next episode, and I'm cool out Gerard.