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Cigars 101 - This Least Popular Cigar Size May Be Your NEW Favorite Vitola

23rd May 2022

I forgot what I was supposed to say. Let me see here. God, it's been a while.

Hi, and welcome to another episode of Mondays with Mardo.

I'm Gerard, and this week we're going to talk about the least favorite size of cigar may become your newest favorite Vitola. But before I get going, I need you to click on that subscribe button, click on the bell to be notified every single week of new episodes on Mondays with Mardo.

So in my hand, I have a 60 ring gauge cigar. Now I know Lanceros have become a very, very popular cigar. Why am I even bringing that up is because I'm trying to talk about extremes. Lancero is extremely skinny cigars at 38 ring gauge, and then cigars 60 and larger are extreme size cigars. Now we have cigars up to 90, 80, 70 ring gauge. I've never smoked anything over 70 ring gauge. My least favorite size cigars would be anything very large ring gauge. Can it become my new favorite Vitola? Well maybe after this light and cut and discussing, it just might be. But I am going to share with you guys, how do I get introduced as 60 ring cigar within my smoking habit?

Still not the biggest favorite cigar ring we're going to talk about why it can become maybe yours. All right. As I'm cutting this... That's a lot of cigar to cut right there. My goodness took a lot of effort. We are making some improvements on our lighting. I know we have been changing the mood within our studio and I know the lighting was not as to our liking, but I hope the lighting is better now. And if you like the better lighting, let us know in the comments.

So back to the cigar, back to the focus of what the heck we're talking about. When it comes to larger ring gauge cigars, what's going to happen to a cigar, let's say 50 to 52 ring gauge? The wrapper, which is a third part of the cigar. We have a wrapper, we have the binder and then we have the filler within the cigar. So when you have a wrapper, it is the most expensive part of the cigar. It's going to be the most beautiful leaf, and it's also going to give you a lot of the flavor. So if I were to take a cigar that has a Connecticut wrapper on it and replace it with a Maduro it's going to become a completely different cigar.

So when it comes to a larger ring gauge cigar, you're going to have a whole lot more filler to wrapper ratio than you would in a cigar that's a 50-52 ring gauge. And also it's going to be smaller. So therefore the draw of air within the smoke is going to be a lot less than something like this. So therefore the draw in this cigar is going to be cooler.

Let's test it. Definitely too big for me you guys. As you can see, I have to work it a little bit harder. Maybe I should have done a punch instead of a guillotine cut, because I don't feel like my lips are really sealing it and getting a very good vacuum.

I can definitely taste more filler. The reason why I say that is because whenever you make a cigar and you're bunching... So bunching means it's the beginning of the making of the cigar. You have the filler tobaccos, it's going to consist of ligero, viso, a little bit of seco. And when you're bunching it there's many different styles. You have the bookcase style where you just stack them together and then you squeeze them and then you put them in a binder and you roll it. Or you have the accordion style, which you make them in an accordion together. And then you do it that way. Or you do the into bottle, which is what I'm familiar with most, is you take every single leaf and you make it a little tiny tube and you take another one and then you bunch them together.

So there's a method of when you bunch a cigar together is the outer part of the bunching has to be seco where the filler in the middle is going to be more ligero. Reason being is because on the outside, the seco allows a combustion to happen and the ligero will follow it. If you have too much ligero in a cigar, you're not going to be able to get good, proper balanced combustion. So that's why you want seco.

So in a bigger ring gauge cigar like this, you're going to taste more of the fillers or you're going to notice there's a lot more seco in here. Believe it or not, seco and viso have a lot more flavor than ligero. Ligero is a thicker leaf. And it combusts a lot hotter. It's a lot oilier so it's going to be more char. Therefore, that's why you get more strength out of that leaf than you would from a viso, seco. But flavors are more in a viso, seco area. And here I can definitely taste a tobacco a whole lot more.

As you see, I am producing a whole lot of smoke. So this cigar is producing a lot of burnt. If there's some curiosity within you that is wanting to see how cigars are made, we do have a previous episode that does talk about and show you guys how cigars are made. So you can understand the every third part of this cigar, the filler, the binder and the wrapper. But in this cigar back to it, 60 ring gauge, it's producing a whole lot of smoke. I'm getting a lot of flavor from the filler opposed to the rapper.

Can I enjoy this cigar? Absolutely. I love cigars. I'm really enjoying the tobacco flavors. It's not burning very hot. The draw is a lot cooler than a smaller ring gauge cigar. But what I don't like is the amount of pull that I have to perform to get this cigar going. It's not going to be my go-to unfortunately, 60 ring gauge cigars are just not my thing. I'll still smoke it, but I like smaller ring gauge cigars. I like more flavor of the rapper. I do like a little bit hotter of a burn. I just don't like to work that hard for my cigar. This one is making me work for it. I feel like I'm just not big enough of a guy maybe for it.

And also it could be because I didn't punch it. Maybe if I punched it would've been a whole lot better. So maybe next time I'll do that. Let me know in the comments what you guys think in a larger ring gauge cigars. I'm very, very curious as to what you guys are going to say in the comments.

I'll see you guys next week. Thanks for tuning in. Thanks for putting up with me. Remember to follow on Instagram, like us on Facebook and remember to tell your friends about our YouTube channel. I'll see you guys.