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Cigars 101 - The World’s Greatest Cigar Accessories

10th Oct 2022

Hi, and welcome to another episode of Mondays with Mardo's. I'm Gerard. This week we're going to talk about the world's greatest cigar accessory.

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This is what we're going to do. A car is no good if it doesn't run, right? So any car that can get you from A to B is the right car to have. And subjectively, that is the world's best car, because it gets me to my destination. It's what it's meant for. When it comes to cigar accessories, I'm not one to spend a lot of money. What I look for is functionality. This is my little tiny case of my best accessories. In here I have a torch lighter; keep it very simple. This is about $5. At most, it's going to be around $10. It is a dual torch. It works very well. The difference that you're going to get between a single, dual or triple torch is when a cigar linkage gets very large. Having multiple torch flames is very, very helpful. So this being a dual torch that comes into one is going to give me a little bit more precision on a ring gauge of cigar anywhere between like a lancero to like a 56.

But when we get into like a 58, 60, 64 ring gauge, you definitely need a torch lighter that's going to be at least triple flame. A little tip and a secret; what you want to do is between each refill of butane in your torch lighter, make sure you always bleed it. And the way you do that is you get yourself one of these little tools I'm going to talk about next, and then you just push like that. And you bleed out all the butane. Now you're releasing a lot of pressure because when you sync that nozzle of the butane bottle into the lighter, not only are you introducing butane, but that is a pressurized chemical or gas, whatever you want to call it. So therefore you're putting the seals under pressure. So if you continuously to do that and never release the pressure, it's just going to blow up.

Second best accessory is this thing called the perfect draw. The beauty about the perfect draw, as you can see, I can use it as a bleeder for my lighter. And this allows to get any kind of knots that you have in your cigar. You simply just poke a cigar, you swerve around a little bit, and you pull out any excess tobacco that's plugging the ability of you being able to draw on that cigar nice and smooth so you can enjoy it. So I do have one of these. This is about $30. This is about, at the most, I'll give you a buffer, $10. So we're at $40 so far.

Now this cutter, I do recommend highly. It is from Colibri. It's called the SV Cutter. It is a dual function cutter. It does have a guillotine on the back side of it. It has a blade at the bottom that is stationary, and then it has one that swivels up and down, and that's the second blade. And in this one, the depth of it is only three millimeters, so therefore you cannot over-cut your cigar. So that gives you a straight guillotine cut, which is beauty. And then on the other side, when you swivel it downwards, it gives you nice V-cut. And this one is a deeper V-cut, which gives you a lot more penetration. So therefore you can draw very well. It's very sturdy. It's $75. It's bold, it's strong. I've dropped it and it still functions very well. And this is $75.

So, so far, $40 plus $75. We're at $115. This is something else that I like to carry. This is called, let's see here, Perfect Repair. There are many different other brands out there. What this bottle is basically xanthan gum. Anytime you get a cigar that's unraveling on you, rather than using your saliva, you can get this little bottle right here. It has a nail polish brush at the bottom of it. You just brush part that's unraveling. You re-glue the cigar, let it sit there and dry off for about a minute or so. And voila, you got yourself a repaired cigar.

You can smoke it with all these accessories. To me, subjectively, these are the world's best accessories that you can buy. Buying a $2,000 DuPont lighter is beautiful. It'll keep its value. If you go out on soirees and you need that bling, by all means, go ahead and do it. Me, I'm a very simple man. I'm a cigar geek. I can outtalk a $2,000 DuPont lighter anytime.

All in all, what we're going to do here is we're going to add how much all these accessories cost. $10 for torch lighter, $10 for the Perfect Repair, which is basically xanthan gum. So therefore, we're around $20 so far. $75 for an awesome, awesome cutter. We're at $95. And then $30 for the perfect draw. So all in all, we're at $125.

However, if you want to ball out and you want to get crazy, you can buy one of these El Septimo lighters for five and a half million dollars. There's three different choices you can get. Either the red, the black, or the blue. So if you're balling out and ain't got no budget, you can go with the five and a half million dollar lighter. You may need to hire some bodyguards whenever you want to carry it out with you.

Anyways, let me know in a comments, what is your favorite accessory in the world. Other than that, I'll see you guys next week. Remember to follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook, and I'll see you. I already said that, so I'm going to ask you to ask your friends to subscribe to my YouTube channel.