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Cigar Wrapper Types For Any Palate

Cigar Wrapper Types For Any Palate

Posted by Tyler Enos on 14th Oct 2019

Want to know all about cigar wrappers? Watch to the end of this video to learn all about cigar wrapper types for any palate. Here at Mardo Cigars, we have an obsession with everything cigars, so come join us by subscribing to our channel. Hit the bell below to be notified when we post new videos every Monday. 

Everyone knows not to judge a book by its cover. Well, the same can be said about cigars. We put together a great sampler to explore the different shades of wrappers to entice your palate. So stay tuned to the end of this video to see how you can take advantage of our special offer. This is Neil and Gerard from Mardo cigars and we are excited to share our experience with you. So now we're going to talk about the five most common wrapper types in the industry. I'm turning it over to Gerard to go through our wonderful sampler for you.

Cigar Number One

Let's do it. All right. Number one on our list is going to be the Illusione 88 Candela, known to be as one of the best candela cigars on the market. So at candela wrapper is flashed cured under charcoal fire or candlelight, and that is why it gets a Spanish name candela. So this is going to be a soft mild cigar and it's going to be included in our pack. Look for it and enjoy it. 

Cigar Number Two

Next up on the list is a Connecticut shade wrapper cigar, also known as a Claro wrapper, hence the name of this cigar is Cubo Claro and it is made by Dapper. Now these are grown under shaded tents, which reduces sunlight and it protects it from some different kind of weather conditions. Then it gives it that tan, brownish color as well. This is going to give you that light sweet hints of cedar. So Cubo Claro definitely gives that off within the smoke. I love it. It's a very good size. So-

It's one of my favorites for sure. This is his favorite, for reals. Anyway, Cubo Claro from Dapper. Look for it in the pack as well.

Cigar Number Three

Okay, third on our list is a world-renowned brand Ashton VSG. VSG stands for Virgin sun grown. So this has a sun grown wrapper. These wrappers are grown under direct sunlight and they're not cultivated until it reaches its own maturity naturally. So this is also known as a natural wrapper. It's not too dark, not too light. So look for it. VSG, Virgin sun grown, we'll have that sun grown wrapper under Ashton brand. Fourth on the list is a Maduro wrapped cigar, which is probably the most popular wrapper on a cigar, Maduro meaning mature in Spanish, and these Maduro leaves are going to be found on the highest level of a plant.

Cigar Number Four

It's going to be thicker in nature. The reason being, it has to withstand the pressure in the chamber when you're curing and fermenting these leaves, which takes many, many years. It's going to be very oily, very strong, and it's going to have the highest level of nicotine. So this cigar is Tabernacle. It's a Connecticut broadleaf Maduro. Look for it and the pack as well.

Cigar Number Five

Okay, last on our list is going to be the Oscuro wrapper. Just like the Maduro, these leaves are the highest level of the plant. However, they're left on the plant at a much longer time, resulting in a darker, oilier wrapper, and it can withstand a much more intense curing process and fermentation lasting years of it. Since the process is so enduring, it's very rare to find. So it results in a very dark, pronounced flavors. An Oscuro wrapper is always going to be a lot darker, almost black, and a deeper color than a Maduro. So this is La Flor Dominicana Ligero. It is the Oscuro Cabinet L-500, which is like an extra boost of size, which is also available in the pack. So we have put together a pack that has five different shades I had mentioned and here we are. So what we've done for you guys, we've put together this awesome sampler pack, get 20% off, but you got to make sure to click on the link below to get your coupon code.

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