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Cigar Review | Sinistro Last Cowboy LE 2018

Cigar Review | Sinistro Last Cowboy LE 2018

Posted by Tyler Enos on 16th Sep 2019

What's up everybody? This is Gerard with Mardo Cigars and you are watching Mondays with Mardo's.

All right guys, here we are, Sinistro Last Cowboy Limited Edition a Maduro 2018. This cigar is still going off the fricking shelves. It's popular. People post pictures of it every single where because look at the package. It is so freaking cool. I'm getting into the details of what this thing is all about and where you can get it and how you can get a little special price on this cigar for you guys. This is Gerard. Stay tuned and we're going to get right into it.

Come Join Us

Before we get going and diving right into this, I want to ask you guys to please subscribe to our channel called Mardo Cigars and hit that bell to be notified every single week of Mondays with Mardo's. Owner of Sinistro, James Agopian, and Coleman and myself, obviously also my partner Neil, we've been selling Sinistro quite well and we've been their top seller throughout the whole entire country. These guys that are boutique to the T. We became very good friends and we were talking about the Lase Cowboy Maduro. What happened after a round table discussion, having some food and drinks, we discussed that we want to do something exclusive for Mardo Cigars only, so that took us on an airplane ride all the way down to the Dominican Republic to the oldest factory of La Aurora. We sat down as soon as we landed with master blender Manuel Inoa and we discussed the size that we wanted to make. This is a 6 and a half by 56. It's a box of 14 cigars.

Now this cigar is wrapped with a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro. It has a San Andreas binder and a ligero of piloto cubano so you guys can see that it's going to have a lot of spice, a lot of good bold flavors. Man, was it fricking exciting making a cigar. It took us from highs and lows of the struggles of putting something together, but the end product is you can see it right here at this table, it is done. It's ready. We've done multiple events. People are still posting pictures of this cigar, so that's why I'm so excited.

I'll introduce to you guys this exclusive. I'm going to getting a little bit deeper into it. At the end of the video, I promise you guys, I'm going to give you a very nice little special deal on this limited edition. This was rolled, by the way, in March 2018 so we're well past the year mark, very well aged, very good cigar. I mean words are not going to express what this means to me. Other than that, you need to stay tuned and I'm going to get right into it with a little light and tell you what I think.

Cut and Light it Up

Let's go right into cutting this bad boy. I'm going to take out the red paper. The reason of that red paper is this thing actually mimics a dynamite stick, so we wanted to stay with the Western theme of the last cowboy and this being a Maduro, it fits dynamite stick very well. Now this fuse link right here actually will light all the way to the foot of this cigar. I could just show you guys, it kind of mimics a fuse, but with my luck in doing a review, it probably won't do that. I'm not going to bore you guys, but as you can see it just keeps going and going and going, but what I'm going to do is I'm actually going to nick this off for the review, but as you can see as I'm talking, it's already gone a little bit further. Coleman, one of the owners, actually did the test and he sat there and let it burn all the way down to the wick just like a real dynamite stick, which was pretty darn cool.

We talked about that it's a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper, which is one of the most popular wrappers in the industry right now, a San Andreas binder, which gives you that Maduro thick pepper, lots of chocolate hints, and then that piloto cubano ligero, which I'm not sure if you guys are familiar with, the piloto cubano ligero is one of the most popular ligeros down in the Dominican Republic. I'm trying to get a nice red cherry on it. We want to make sure that we get the whole entire surface of the cigar nice and hot. I can't wait til I take my first puff, you guys.

Right off the bat, very good draw. This cigar is very dense and you can definitely taste the wholesomeness of the tobacco in there. There's a lot of pepper. However, the smoothness has definitely laid itself in the foundation of the cigar because this thing is well past its year mark of aging. I'm going to sit here, I'm going to enjoy this and give you guys every third of a review and we'll go from there. Stay tuned.

First Third

Not a lot of words, guys. I'm definitely relishing this. As you can see for the review, I'm letting it hold its ash pretty good, but I'm going to get into it so I'm going to ash this right now. Let's see, ooh, nice and solid ash. Okay, so this is definitely worthy, you guys. Off the first third, when I started smoking the cigar at first, the pepper was abundant. Retrohaling it, I got a lot of tingling. It was definitely pepper bomb, but as it got a little bit deeper, this thing has smoothened out unbelievably. It tastes a lot different than the other Last Cowboy Maduros. Now this cigar, Last Cowboy Maduro, comes in different sizes. You have the Churchill, Petite Belicoso, you've got the Toro, you've got the Corona and I believe also they have that in the Presidente if I'm not mistaken, but this is the 6 and a half by 56 ring gauge exclusive to Mardo Cigars only.

I'm going to take another drag, very, very smooth. The biggest hint that I'm getting out of this cigar right now is salted caramel. Yes, I'm not kidding. You guys know, I always look for the tobacco of flavors. I'm like into the Cameroon, if I taste San Andreas I'll say it, if I taste like Connecticut Broadleaf I'll say it, but to actually give you like food flavors and hints, I'm the worst, but this cigar is blasting me with like salted caramel that is undeniable. I'm going to sit here and hit it to the second third and see if this gets any smoother or if it changes any flavor or if it keeps its complexity the way it is. Very dense cigar, even though it's heated, meaning that I've been smoking and it gets hot. It's not getting spongy. It's still very well intact. Let's get into the second third, let you guys know what's going on.

Second Third

Damn. All right, everybody. We're in the second third of the smoke and very consistent. The salted caramel flavors are still there. I did get a little hint of hazelnut. However, a new flavor that's been more apparent than anything else is the white pepper. It's mellowed itself out quite a bit. It's very smooth. Yeah, no tingling through the retrohale, a very smooth cigar. Like I said, salted caramel is still the majority of the flavor that I'm noticing, a little bit of white pepper as well. Now I'm going to dig into the last third. One of the things that I've noticed in this cigar is two things. It stays very smooth, which I like. Biggest pet peeve of mine is when a cigar gets to this point, a lot of times it turns on you. It gets very hot and this has not gotten hot. It's still a very nice draw and it hasn't turned. If anything it's getting a lot better and it's very smooth. Stay tuned for the last third of this cigar and we'll let you guys know what I think.

Final Third

We're at the last third of it and as I mentioned, this cigar does not get hot, which is the beauty about it. I can still hold it in my fingers. Is it a poker worthy? Absolutely, I'll take this all the way down as far as I can. Salted caramel is the abundant flavor in this thing, little bit of white pepper in there, as I mentioned that some hazelnut hints, definitely box worthy. Still creating a lot of smoke. Guys, as I wrap this up, Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper, San Andreas binder and piloto cubano is the ligero that makes up 80% of this filler. Now, this is 6 and a half by 56. Smoke time to me took me about an hour, but you can definitely baby it for about an hour and a half. It's a cigar that's very well rounded and definitely satisfies the palette.

Something for you

Okay guys, so let's talk about the packaging. This box is a box of 14 cigars. It comes in two bundles of seven that is mimicking a TNT dynamite. We have a special that's going to be running to the end of the month, which will get you 20% off. That coupon code is SinistroLE20. I'll repeat it again, coupon code SinistroLE20. You want to put that code in your checkout box. This is only a 500 box production. It's limited. I just want to say that definitely medium to full body. This is Gerard. I'm signing out with Mondays with Mardo's. Thank you for watching.