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Cigar Locker Cigar Review - Guardian of the Farm Apollo

Posted by Tyler Enos on 23rd Mar 2020

What's up, everybody. This is Gerard with another episode of Mondays with Mardos, and today we're going to do an actual cigar review of one of my favorite cigars. But before we get going, I need you to click on that subscribe button to subscribe to our channel, and also to click on the bell to be notified every single time we come out with a new episode.

Today, we're going to do a review on one of my favorite cigars comes out of Aganorsa. It is the Guardian of the Farm, and this is the Apollo size. Which is basically, its like a Lonsdale and my friend Corb gifted me this box yesterday, and he kept on telling me, "I have something, I have something for you." And I could kind of see that he had this in his bag, and I was like, "I already got some of those," like "No, not this one." And sure enough, it's a 2018 box, which has a little bit over a year of date on it, which I really like cigars that have a little bit of age, who doesn't like?

And in 2017, this was rated number eight. I think it's definitely an underrated cigar. As a matter of fact, it has a sticker on it back, so we're going to do a review on this today and to see that, does aging this little over a year really give it enough justice to see, "Hey, is it worth to age it?"

But I can already say that it does have a little bit of yellowing on the band, which is kind of cool we can't really see it on camera, but I can definitely see it because the light glare right here some areas I'm seeing like on the edges of the self and a little bit of yellowing, so I can't wait to light this up, and we'll go and see what it's going to do for us.

Light Up

All right, so when I did a dry draw, it had a lot of sweetness to it, I just light the cigar, I took a drag. I'm going to take another one, but there is definitely a surge of pepper. Yeah. As of right now, it's all notes of black pepper for sure, and a lot of spice. That distinct flavor that I'm looking for hasn't hit me yet, so I can't wait till I get a little further in. I'm just getting started, so I'll give you guys another review once I get done with the first third, and we'll go from there.

1st Third

Okay, so we are through the first third of this cigar, and one of the things I want to check on is how dense the cigar is while I smoke it. Now that does not bother me. The cigar does get a little soft compared it with an unburned cigar, which just feels very dense, very tight, and hard, but again that doesn't bother me. The cigar does get a little soft as it gets a little bit of heat in it.

The ash is very flaky. It does not stay together. Again, that's something that doesn't bother me. I'm not one to want to stack dimes if you want to put into terms, I'm more into the construction is great. The draw is perfect to me. I like a little bit of more of a loose draw, and that creates a lot of smoke from me. I love it. The smoke is very, very gray, and as I said, it was a lot of pepper but having a little bit age on the cigar, that pepper definitely subsides, and then I get lots of into woodsy flavors. That sweetness that I love about this cigar is definitely there. The aging has rounded the flavors in the retrohale, meaning it's gone a little bit smoother.

Aging the cigar any more. I don't think it's going to do it any more justice. Having a little over a year of aging on it is superb, and that's basically all that's going through me right now. We'll check out what's going to happen within the second third and we'll go with there.

2nd Third

So, we are in well into the second third of the cigar, and as you can see, it is very flaky, ash drops very easily. The construction remains very consistent, which I like that. The hint of coffee has definitely become a dominant right about now. That sweetness that I like in this cigar is still there. There's definitely some toastiness and a little bit of wheat. What I do notice is that the pepper flavors are a little bit back now that the cigar is getting a little bit more hot as it gets closer to the end of it. As you can see it I have about two inches in the cigar, and a little bit acidity is showing up. However, I still have a long way to go, so I want to see if there's going to be a lot more changes in your cigar. So for the second third, that is my review on it, so we'll go and see how the scene finishes. Still, one of my favorite cigars.

Final Third

All right, this is the final third of this cigar, and this is the part where I will remove the band. The pepper has definitely increased due to the heat of the cigar with me smoking it. I would give this cigar about a 45-minute smoke. Definitely, the wheat and bread flavor has increased. The sweetness is still there, but has dissipated, and also very toasty. A little bit of ammonia. I will admit. I'm not sure if aging this more would do that any justice to lessen that. I doubt it, but this is a cigar that will definitely be smoking all the way down to the nub. It is very complex. I still say this is one of my top fives for this size cigar.

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