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Cigar Industry - New Cigar Brand Launch!

Posted by Tyler Enos on 10th Feb 2020

Jake Wyatt Cigar Co.

What's up everybody? This is Neil and Gerard with Mardo Cigars.

We're coming at you from, and we are excited. I'm usually not in these videos, but we got something to introduce to you guys. It's very special. The Jake Wyatt Cigar Company has finally launched, and we can't wait to tell you guys all about it. But before we do, make sure to subscribe to our channel. Hit the bell to be notified for future videos, and we're coming right at you in just a second.

Okay, for the longest at, we've been focusing on premium quality cigars, but more than anything, very boutique and Jake Wyatt Cigar Company definitely fits the bill. We have almost every single size today and we're very, very excited, because today is the launch of their brand new product and we have it in stock for you guys. So we have five different variations, and Neil was going to talk to you about the Appendix II, and this is made in Dominican Republic and instead of Tamborilan, it's all Dominican tobacco.

It is indeed.

Appendix II

The Appendix II is our Ecuadorian Connecticut that we are featuring today with Jake Wyatt Cigar Company, and as you can see, the accents on this thing, this is the Robusto. This is a 5x50. Obviously the accents on the foot and on the head of these things are exquisite. This has been a long time coming. Every box is sealed with a Boveda pack to make sure we ensure that freshness, and this is something that you just have to try. If you are a Connecticut lover and you like that creamy, buttery vibe from a really good Connecticut, you got to give them a shot.

Lucid Interval

Okay, so we talked about the Appendix II. Next we're going to talk about is the Lucid Interval, which is the Candela and the reason why Neil is showing you the Boveda, because every single box, as he mentioned comes with a Boveda. But also whenever we, as ship any five-pack of single cigars, we always utilize boveda for the cigar care and making sure that the freshness is locked in there for you guys. So we're going to go onto the Lucid Interval.

Without a doubt. So next on this illustrious unveiling is going to be the Lucid Interval. And as you can see, each sticker is going to represent the shade of the stick within the Jake Wyatt brand. So on this Lucid Interval, this here is the Gordo, this is the 6x60 with this delicious Candela, creamy, creamy wrapper on this bad boy. And as you guys can see, the 6x60 has that ring gauge with a lot of wonderful creamy filler that has to be experienced. So the Lucid Interval, again has the Candela wrapper. It's something that has to be enjoyed. And the all of the Jake Wyatt sticks have their signature of their accents on the head and on the foot of this thing. So as you can see, there's the three accents on top and three on the foot of all of the core line of the Jake Wyatt.

Herbert Spencer

Okay, next we're going to talk about Herbert Spencer. It is a Maduro wrapper, as you can see right here in front of us. This is a San Andres Maduro wrapper and note profiles that I have noticed in this cigar, literally, is definitely milk chocolate. Now, the flavor profile of Jake Wyatt is a very, very creamy cigars. The Appendix II that we talked about on the first one is definitely a lot of butter, cream and vanilla. These Herbert Spencer is again the Maduro, the San Andres, which is milk chocolate. And then the Lucid Interval, which was the Candela. It's kind of like having cream in your green tea. So very phenomenal sticks.

Again, these are the Robusto. They come in four different sizes. We have the Robusto, the Toro, we have the Belicoso. And then we also have the Gordo. And I'll go over the dimensions a little bit later when we talk about the other single sizes. So, so far we have the Appendix Connecticut, the Lucid Candella, and then the Herbert Spencer, which is the Maduro. And now we're going to move on to the two other different shades.

Fourth Dimension

Okay. And next to introduce you guys is the Fourth Dimension.

That's my favorite.

This is Gerard's favorite without a doubt. This has the Habana Rosado wrapper, the Candela accents on this thing and the notes on this, tell them, Gerard.

Definitely roasted almonds with lots of cream. It is a medium bodied cigar, the Habano Rosado serves a cigar very, very well. It has the Candela accents on the top and on the bottom. Again, this comes in Robusto, Toro, Belicoso and the Gordo. I smoked a Gordo yesterday. Man, the amount of flavor in that Gordo was superb. Lots of lots of cream and believe it or not, even though it's a mild, smooth cigar, the nicotine is in there. Don't let it fool you.

Don't overdraw and excess yourself with too much smoke cause that nicotine can hit you. So don't be fooled that these are, like, Oh they're so smooth. I can hit it so hard. That nicotine will get you. So that is a Fourth Dimension and we'll move on to our second Habano Rosado that they have is called the USIR. The USIR is also Habano Rosado.


However, the accents on this one is a little bit different. I'll go ahead and take out aa cigar so you guys can see. This is a Robusto, and this is what I'm smoking right now, and the accents on this is a little bit different to differentiate the difference because they are both Habano Rosados, but the aging process on the USIR is completely different. So the accent, as you can see right here, I'm not going to try and tell you what it is, but it's right there. You can see it's a difference because it's not three and three. And USIR, yes, it is a Habano Rosado, but the aging process is completely different. And the notes on this, I definitely taste a lot of amaretto, definitely the creaminess is there. The thing is about the Jake Wyatt lineup, the entire lineup has a lot, a lot of creaminess within the smoke, which I really like.

So there you have it. You have every single core line. You have the Appendix II, which is a Connecticut. You had the Lucid Interval, which is a Candella. You have the Herbert Spencer, which is a Maduro San Andreas, and then the fourth dimension Habano Rosado as well as the USIR Habano Rosado.

We don't have every single size, so I'm going to kind of back pedal and take my words back. We have the Limited Edition, but we only have three variations of it. Now, this is the Lucid Interval, which is the Candela. And this is the Limited Edition, now, these are boxes of 10. The core line is a box of 22. 11 on top 11 on the bottom, but these are a box of 10 and these bad boys right here are the Limited Edition. This is Candela and it's got a little twist to it and very, very beautiful stick.


I'll say I'm kind of lost over words right there. So that is the Lucid Interval. So the wrapper on this Limited Edition is obviously a Candela, because it's a Lucid Interval and it has a San Andres accent to it. This is a six and a half inch cigar. But with the shaggy head on it, it makes it a seven inch cigar and it's got a 64 ring gauge at the figure auto tip. So boxes of 10. That is the Lucid Interval Limited Edition.

And now we're going to move on to the limited edition of the Fourth Dimension, which is also a box of 10. And these again are a Figurado. This is a beautiful stick and I love the flavor profile on this thing. The creaminess just booms your fricking palette.

You got to try these, everybody.

So the Habano Rosado is barber pulled with a Candela. Now, these are not actually a Habano Rosado wrapper and then twisted with a Candela. It's actually two double wrappers that are rolled all together. So it actually gives you the differentiation within the flavor profile as you're smoking it. So again, this is the Fourth Dimension, limited edition and box of 10

All right guys. And finally of what we have in stock, there's two other limited editions that will be coming that we don't have quite yet. But this is the Appendix Two. And again, it's the Figurado size, six and a half, seven with the bush tail top. And this has the Connecticut wrapper again, with the San Andres accent on this thing. And this is a cream bomb. The Appendix II is by far my favorite. It's a mild to medium stick that has that buttery cream throughout. And man, this is something that just makes your mouth want another one. So these Figurados are absolutely gorgeous. The time it takes to create these is crazy.

S.E. 2019

Before we get going, there's one more extra. What we want to talk about is the SE 2019. These are created in the year of 2019 so these little Figurados. Again Neil, can you help me with the size? I don't remember exactly.

Oh absolutely. These are a little Perfecto. These are five and a quarter. But again, this is the Habano Rosado wrapper. Accents of San Andres on the top. A little Connecticut on the bottom. The artistic beauty of these things are exquisite. But the profile on this thing, it's a little bit smaller than the Figurado Limited Edition, but it is creamy as can be. Huh?

These are definitely vanilla bombs. They definitely front loaded it right. But it has a very, very good finish. Tamed very well. Again, we're very excited. You guys, we're trying to bombard you with all this information within a certain time frame. We try to keep our videos less than five minutes.

So anyways, I want to hear from you guys in the comments. If you have any opinions on a Jake Wyatt, if you guys want to get ahold of these things because we're just launching them today. So, get on the comments, let us know what you think. Follow us on Instagram. Like us on Facebook, and remember, subscribe to our YouTube channel and we will see you next week on Mondays with Mardo's. All right, you guys. That's it. Thanks.