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Cigar Industry – Mardo Cigars Office Tour

22nd Jun 2020

What's up everybody. This is Gerard with And today we are here at Mardo Cigars, and we're going to take a tour of day to day operations. So before we get going, I need you to click on that subscribe button, click on a bell to be notified every single week with Mondays with Mardo's.

Welcome to Mardo Cigars

All right. So we are in the lobby of and I'm super excited to give you guys a tour. What we do here is we try to seek out the hard to find cigars. Those boutique brands you guys love, give you fast shipping and great customer service. So without further ado, follow me.


All right. Another great brand that we want to talk about in the lobby This is also the home of Jake Wyatt Cigar Company, which is our brand made in Dominican Republic. All right, so this is the administrative side of the building. This is after hours. So all the staff are gone. All this background noise is eliminated and we are in luck. So I'm going to let you guys know that this is where all the editing happens of the videos, all the billing, the accounting, all that boring stuff, but a lot of exciting things do happen right in here.


This is the marketing, the think tank, where we have the dry erase board and we have the conference table. So we can do everything at ease and in comfort, but more exciting, right now, we're going to go to the walking humidor and I'm going to show you guys how the process works when you place an order at So let's check it out.

The Humidor

Okay. So this is the exciting stuff. In my hand, I have an order, I'm going to walk you guys through what it looks like to get your order package. Right here is the humidor. So when we first came in this place, we had to hard wire the water system for the humidification. We had to put insulation on top of the ceiling and we had to put all kinds of shelves and come up with a system that makes sense for anybody that walks in here and can place order by just looking at the invoice. So this one is an order for Jake Wyatt Cigars, Appendix II, Robusto, a five-pack and also a five-pack of Back2Back Connecticut 5x50. So follow me, I'm going to show you guys how this process works.


Before I get going on this order, I want to show you guys the vapor that this is producing. It is our humidification system. This is hard lined in as well as our AC system, everything... Oh, you can see there, it stopped, perfect for the video and everything is automated. So therefore everything is kept at perfect humidity. As you can see, we have a lot of products. I'm going to go ahead and walk and find this item, which is a Jake Wyatt Appendix II Robusto. I'm looking for R1222-A, as in alpha.

So we are at R1222A, product ID 7794, 7794, it's great. Another step that we take with RFID stickers is that this has to scan exactly to the order that you had placed. If I happen to pick up something other than what is on the order, it will not scan out. So therefore it will minimize any mistakes that can take place.

Shipping Station

Behind me is the shipping department. This is where we take all the cigar orders, package them and offer USPS priority shipping with anything over a pound. Two to three business days is how fast these things get shipped to your doorstep. If you want UPS, we also do offer that option. We have the bubble wrap, we have the popcorn and all the boxes necessary to make this happen. If we run out of anything, we also have back stock room to make sure that all the right boxes are available. We've even partnered with Bovida to make sure that all your cigars, would it be a five-pack a single or a 10 pack is locked with freshness.

The Bullpen

So we are sitting at my desk in the common area that I like to call the bullpen. This is where all the data entry happens, inventory check-in. And most importantly sales. Right there is a whiskey barrel that I like to use for any IG photos and videos that we take for you guys, all right.

So one of the perks about this industry is we get to smoke some of the best cigars and what we have done here at Mardo Cigars, we built in our own personal smoking lounge. And I'm going to show you guys what that looks like. Come on.

The Lounge

All right. private cigar lounge. We have two flat screen TVs, surround sound, AC, filtration system. This room even has sound-deadening panels. So therefore it doesn't penetrate any echo. We do all our YouTube videos in here. We do all the sampling of cigars. We even have custom made coffee table. This place is where all the relaxation happens. So thank you for watching. Let me know in the comments, what you think of, our operation, our lounge, and also our website. Remember to follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.