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Cigar Industry - Latest Cigar Trade Show TPE21 Vegas

17th May 2021

Hi, and welcome to another episode of Mondays with Mardos. I'm Gerard and today, we're going to go over the latest cigar trade show highlights of TPE 2021 in Las Vegas. But before I get going, I need you to click on that subscribe button. Click on the bell to be notified every single week of new episodes on Mondays with Mardos.

In this week's episode, we're going to go over some of the highlights of the trade show called TPE 2021 in Vegas. Lots of boutique brands that are showing their new releases only for the TPE attendees. And we definitely want to participate in that. And what does that mean for We're definitely going to have that stuff on the website for you guys to get your hands on them as well.

First off on the list is Jake Wyatt Cigar Company showing its new corona size in all five lines. The Fourth Dimension, the Appendix II, the Lucid Interval, the U.S.I.R., and my personal favorite there, the Herbert Spencer and now has a revised blend, which includes a Pennsylvania broadleaf in the filler. So definitely look for the new corona size from Jake Wyatt Cigar Company.

In addition to that, Jake Wyatt Cigar Company came out with a new lighter and cutter set combo retailing for $150. This is a dual blade cutter, which is beautifully designed and available within the set. Now, this slider right here is definitely the highlight of this entire set. It is a vintage look alike lighter. It is activated by flint. And it's a dual torch lighter that has butane and also has a punch on the bottom. Pretty cool, exciting stuff. And I can't wait til you guys get these things in your hands.

All right. The next brand I want to talk about is HVC, Havana City, have some pretty cool boxes displayed in their booth, and I definitely wanted to get my hands on it. The 500-year anniversary boxes look very appealing so we ordered some of those and as well as the La Rosa 520. My curiosity was, what does La Rosa 520 mean? And Lorenzo told me that that was his address when he lived in Cuba. So that was pretty cool fun fact. Look for those on They will be coming pretty soon.

The next item you're going to want to look for is Cuevas Cigar came out with a new release called the Patrimonio. Definitely full body, lots of flavors, leathery finish. I can't wait til we get all the sizes and stocks so you guys can get your hands on them as well. All right, so we have a lot more stuff to talk about. Hang in there with me, guys. Robert Caldwell is coming out with the Eastern Standard 2014 releases. Yes, that is more of a vintage thing. And it's going to be releasing its original look alike boxes. We did the maximum of five boxes per size, so that will be definitely available.

Next. El Septimo Cigars came out with a new cigar called King Sargon, and that's going to be available in box of 10 at $20 a stick. They are phenomenal. I'm going to conclude this video and talk about Sinistro. They came out with a cigar called The Burro, and those are going to be outstanding. Much more of a budget-friendly cigar so therefore you're going to see those on

This was a quick highlight video of what we did at the TPE 2021. Please let me know in the comments if you did attend the TPE 2021 and what were the highlights for you. Other than that, I'll see you next week. But remember to follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook and remember to tell your friends to subscribe to our YouTube channel. See you, guys.