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Cigar Industry - Highlights from PCA 2021 Latest Cigar Trade Show

19th Jul 2021

Hi, and welcome to another episode of Mondays with Mardos. I'm Gerard. And this week, we're going to show you some of the highlights at the Premium Cigar Association of 2021 Trade Show. But before I get going, I need you to click on that subscribe button. Click on that bell to be notified every single week. We have new episodes on Mondays with Mardos.

We are at the Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust booth. Steve Saka came up with his latest creation. We are so excited about this. This is the Lone Star. It is a cigar that is blended with pipe tobacco, four different blends, only one size. Mardo Cigars did place their order. We're crossing our fingers that we get these in time so look for it. We'll have more information as these start dropping to dealers near you. Other than that, let's go on to the next booth.

We are now at the Black Label Trading Company. We have the Hive, which is a new addition to their portfolio, and we're really excited about this release. It has a plethora of cigars in there with different shapes and different accents and different wrappers. I don't even know where to begin. It's just a sight to be seen. So look for this at We can't wait to get these in our hands to get them into your hands. That's it. We got a new cigar coming from Plasencia, the 149 Cosecha. They do have it here on display, so I want you to follow me. I'll show it to you really quick. Sir, how are you today?

Great. And you?

All right. So this is the 149 Cosecha that's going to be hitting our stores. We're very excited, box of 10, comes in multiple different sizes. So look for this as another highlight. It's Hello, McFly. That was what Biff always said. This is the latest cigar called The McFly from Oscar Valladares. And this cigar is going to be in multiple sizes. The lid of this box is going to be actually 3D. And then the band is going to have foil. It's going to pop. It's going to sell. It's going to wow you. Look at the packaging, wonderful stuff. Another highlight of 2021. McFly is here.

We are at the famous Arturo Fuente booth. We have our beloved Opus X featuring here showing all sorts of really, really cool stuff. But the biggest one is the Unnamed Reserved. This is going to be dropping pretty soon here, so we are looking for this. It's also known as Sin Nombre, so look for that. All the Opus, as you can imagine, the Magnum O is going to be coming out pretty soon. We have our 858 Rosados. We have the Angel's Shares and the 10s. And then we also have the new version of the Don Carlos the Man, with a new humidor with orange accent embossing within the leather on the sides.

So this will be dropping pretty soon. We're excited. We don't have an ETA on this item, but you will surely see it at Thank you. All right. We are at the El Septimo booth. As a matter of fact, they won best in show for medium booth at the PCA 2021. The newest addition to their portfolio is out of this world. It is called the Sacred Collection. Price points are right within the teens and the low twenties. These things are phenomenal. The paint on these boxes is the same quality of paint used on cars. So look for the Sacred Collection from El Septimo.

We're fully, fully pumped to have it, full cedar boxes, huge cigars, nine inch cigar. That's right, nine inch cigar. Perfecto on both sides of the spectrum. It is fantastic. We can't wait till we get these things. I'm salivating and foaming at the mouth. Anyways, I'm going to close off. There's a lot more to show, but we got to end this video. Let me know in the comments what was your highlights if you did attend the PCA 2021 this year. Other than that, I'll see you guys next week. I'm Gerard. Remember to subscribe to our YouTube, follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook. See you guys.