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Cigar Guide – Top 5 Boutique Cigars of 2020

4th Jan 2021

Hi, and welcome to another episode of Monday's with Mardo. I'm Gerard. And today we're going to finish off this year with our last episode for 2020, with our topic of the top five boutique cigars for 2020. But before I get going, I want you to click on subscribe button, click on a bell so you're notified every single week of new episodes on Monday's with Mardo.

Cigar Number 1

All right. So we're going to start off the list by no means of comparison in order. It's just the way we're going to go about it. But whatever I grab is going to be the one I'm going to talk about. Here we are. So this brand is called Desvalido. It is by Dapper Cigars. The owner is Ian Reith. This cigar comes out of Nicaragua and it is the newest brand in their portfolio called Desvalido, meaning hopeless in Spanish.

The tobacco comes from the Olivas, a tobacco family, which is different than the Oliva Cigar company. Oliva family in Nicaragua has an ample amount of very, very good tobacco. And Ian Reith has made a very good contact down there. Has developed some great relationships. So therefore, he keeps coming out with some very, very good cigars.

So the Desvalido is spicy with hints of like fruit and some sweetness to it. I think it has a very good finish to it. And it's very, well-priced in the low, low, low, low teens. I want to say maybe even $12 to $11 a stick. Anyways, we do have them at Again, this is going to be one of them. Desvalido.

Cigar Number 2

All right. Number two on the list is the Jake Wyatt Cigar Company, truly boutique, producing less than a million cigars a year. If anything, I would say they are hyper-boutique. This is a sampler Offers every single core line that is produced. It has the two different Habano wrappers, the Candela, the Maduro and also the Connecticut. These come in four different sizes. Check these guys out. Fantastic stuff. As a matter of fact, we burn these cigars ourselves. If you like that, silky smooth, very creamy cigar, it's definitely one to try. Again, Jake Wyatt Cigar Company. Debuted February of 2020. Hyper-boutique company. Check them out. These things are amazing.

Cigar Number 3

All right, next up for grabs. I'm just going to go with the pile here. Oh, here we go. Last Cowboy by Sinistro has definitely made a big, big, strong foothold in the cigar industry with the Maduro. This is made in the La Aurora factory. It's a Connecticut broadleaf Maduro, and does have a little Candela foot for aesthetics. It also looks cool, but you also get a little bit of sweet flavor in the beginning.

Truly boutique, less than a million cigars a year. And also the cool thing about Sinistro is they do have the ability to adhere to a lot of exclusive demand by shops. So what I mean by that, a lot of cigar shops that can do some volume and want to do something exclusive, a special project with Sinistro since they are so boutique, they're able to focus on multiple blends for multiple shops throughout the years, and being able to stay on that boutique break.

So check out Sinistro and these are sub $10 cigars. I mean, that's bang for your buck. When you want to have something like medium to full body Connecticut broadleaf made out of Dominican, check out Sinistro Last Cowboy Maduros.

Cigar Number 4

Okay. What do we have next? All right. Number four is Noel Rojas. Noel Rojas is operating out of Texas, but his factory is in Nicaragua. As a matter of fact, he just opened up his own factory in Nicaragua. And happily he just wrote a little article about that. This is the newest edition. It's called the Blue Bonnet and the Blue Bonnet is the state flower of Texas, so he is true to his area, I guess you would say. But Noel Rojas, he has the statement, the Blue Bonnet and some other stuff that he comes out with throughout the year called the KSG, meaning that the King of small ring gauge. He likes smaller ring gauge cigars.

The biggest tobacco that he's been using is out of Somoto area in Nicaragua, making some fantastic stuff. If you like that, a full body cigar something really strong from Nicaragua, but yet very well balanced with pepper, Noel Rojas is something you want to look at. Again, we do have these on So that's another one.

Cigar Number 5

All right. The last bag in my hand is a brand called RoMa Craft. And they have their own factory, Nica Sueno, out of Esteli, Nicaragua. Now I don't see these guys ever falling off the boutique cigar list because they do produce less than million or just around million cigars a year. And they don't intend to grow any bigger than that, which means they stay boutique. So this is the Aquitaine out of the CroMagnon line. This is a Habana wrapper. These guys, anytime they come up with anything that's limited edition, it flies off the shelf. The only frustration is that we can't get enough of it. So look for these guys, sub $10 cigars. I think they're valued a lot more than $10, but they're doing a fantastic job.

So, this basically puts the conclusion to our top five boutique cigars for 2020 here at You can visit our website to buy these in singles and five packs or full boxes. Other than that, let me know, what is your top five choices of boutique cigars 2020 in the comments.

I'm Gerard. I'll see you in the next year, which will be next week, but before I get going, remember to follow us on Instagram. Like us on Facebook and subscribe. Thank you very much for your support in this crazy time in the year of 2020. We'll see you in 2021.