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Cigar Guide - The Holy Trinity of Cigars

24th Oct 2022

Are you guys excited? Because we're going to talk about the holy trinity of cigars that I like.

All right. What is the holy trinity of cigars for Gerard? Well, it's very, very tough to talk about this because there's so many really good cigars. But if I were to pick three cigars that I have to smoke and label them the Holy Trinity of cigars, number one, I'm going to put it up there even though we make our own cigars, is I'm going to talk about the Opus X. And the Opus X I'm talking about is made by Arturo Fuente. And this is the regular line of the Opus X, not the Oro Oscuro or the Forbidden 13 or the 20th. I'm just talking about the regular Opus X line, Magnum O, Robusto, Double Robusto, anything with a ring age of 50 and above. The reason why I like that cigar so much is because I believe the spice within this cigar is so well balanced. It's got citrus, raisin, sweetness to it.

It tantalizes my whole entire taste buds and this cigar, no matter how far down I get into that cigar, the balance never changes. It doesn't get too hot. If anything, it actually gets even better. The band on that cigar is the most beautiful band on the entire face of the earth. To me, Opus X is definitely in one of the holy trinities.

Number two cigar that I really like that got me more into lanceros ... I've never been a lanceros guy, is the Jake Wyatt Herbert Spencer. It is a Maduro cigar. It has a lot of chocolate flavor. It's got the spice in there, well balanced pepper. It's good all the way down to the bottom, and it is the best lancero for me, bar none.

And the number three cigar for me is a toss up because it's a cigar you can't really get your hands on. It is the Liga Privada, the H99. That is a cigar that definitely deserves the hype. It's got spice. It's got boldness. It's very well balanced and it's delicious. So those would be the holy trinity for me is number one, Opus X. Number two, Herbert Spencer Lancero and the H99 from Liga Privada.

Let me know in your comments what is your holy trinity cigars? Other than that, I'll see you guys next week. Remember to follow on Instagram, like us on Facebook, and tell your friends to subscribe to our YouTube channel. I've been saying that for years. So let's get the subscribers.