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Cigar Guide - Repairing a Damaged Cigar Wrapper

Posted by Tyler Enos on 24th Jan 2020

I got a question for you. Have you ever bought one of your favorite sticks for 10 to 15 bucks and you walk outside and it falls out of your hand onto the hard floor and you get a big crack right in the middle of it? Well, that's exactly what this video is about, is to show you precisely how to repair this thing. Stay tuned to the end because there's a special offer coming as well.

This is Neil with and you're watching Mondays with Mardo's. Before we get going, make sure to hit the subscribe button in the bottom corner and hit the bell to be notified because we're coming out with new videos every Monday and we need your support. It's only a matter of time to one of your cigars is going to have some damage on it, whether you dropped it, whether it just starts to peel or flake or whatever kind of damage comes with it. We're definitely going to get into precisely what to do if this happens to you.

So, the first glue that we're going to talk about, if you even want to call it a glue, it's actually made out of 100% food product and it's called PerfecRepair. Now, it comes from the perfect draw family and our buddy Rod who came out with this product, it was the 2019 cigar accessory of the year. Also, came out with something that cannot be left out of your cigar arsenal, it's called the PerfecRepair. A 100% food product, does not alter the flavor, anything about your cigar other than puts it back in shape to make sure it doesn't go to waste.

Now, the application of the PerfecRepair is going to be a little different for each of these damaged cigars. First, is the one that has the cracked body. Now this right here is just going to have an even application right over the crack, not too much, not too little. You don't want to have over saturated so it doesn't take that long to dry, and you just don't want to overkill the actual cigar with unneeded repair glue. That right there is going to sit for about 45 seconds and it should be good to go from there.

Next on this list is we have a cracked head right up there. Now in this draw, which when this was punched at the top, as you can see, the cracks started to creep in right there from this being a little bit dry and it's just the way that the cigars manufactured and anyone that smoked cigars know exactly what that's like. Same thing applies, going to get a little more PerfecRepair, going to apply this right over top of this. Now if there's any loose rapper leaf, then you can get under, you can go ahead and take and put this little brush right underneath it.

But generally in a situation like this, it does everything you needed to do. You don't even have to get that creative, you just apply that right over top, you don't got to over saturate it. If anything you want to do at light and if more needs to be applied after it dries, great, we'll do that. So we're going to let that set as well and come back to that in about 45 seconds and we'll be good to go. And finally, which is probably the most common, is when you have a rapper that just starts to unravel. Now this particular case, I need to get some more PerfecRepair, get my little brush nice and saturated with some good amounts of PerfecRepair, perfect.

I'm going to take this and I'm going to roll this up just a little, I don't want to crack it anymore than it already is, and I'm just going to go right along the line of where it's going to meet the cigar itself, bottom, middle and top. I'm just going to roll that right back down, take any excess with my finger and or the brush, put it right over top, and I'm telling you this stuff is magic, and that is it. So we're going to let all those sit for 45 seconds to a minute and come back and see what goes wrong from there.

So now that these have had the PerfecRepair applied to these bad boys, we want to make sure that we give enough time for them to dry. I've made the mistake many times of just wanting to smoke this sucker as soon as possible and I've had to go back and redo it again. It doesn't mean the cigar is completely damaged, but let it set and take your time. Now, as you can see from a smoking perspective, this is going to leave a shine and a gloss over the damaged area. So if I was a cigar shop owner, there's no way I'm going to be able to put this back on the store for resale. However, if this my personal humidor, you better believe I'm not going to want this to go to waste.

So, now that that repair is there, all I need to do is give it a cut and give this a draw and that baby's good to go. So, that's how you save a cigar with this particular type of damage. Secondly, on this one, this one has a lot more damage and as you can see the shine that's on that, I just want to give it a little touch to make sure it's nice and dried up right around the edges. The scar of the damage is going to be there, however, the PerfecRepair is going to be over the top of it, that's going to secure any damaged areas that's going to allow me to now have a decent draw and at least salvage a very good cigar. That's perfect.

Finally, this is probably the easiest of them all. If you just have an unraveling wrapper, which happens at times for manufacturers that just might not quite have enough glue when they're finalizing their production process. This one is simplest of it all. And from there all I have to do with this bad boy is give it a cut and a light and it is good to go. So, that's the simple product that is out in the marketplace today. There are many over the counter products as well that you can utilize. But I'm telling you, this is a must have in your cigar arsenal. Make sure to get it, keep it close by because when you least expect it, you're definitely going to need it.

Okay, now we need you guys to comment below. We know we've all had those times when we've had a damaged cigar, let us know what you've done to salvage and repair that thing to make sure you don't let a good cigar go to waste. All right guys, thanks for watching this video, thanks for tuning in. Make sure to hit that like button below and don't forget to follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook, and hit that link below in our description to make sure you can see what our special offer is. We'll see you next Monday on Mondays with Mardo's.