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Cigar Guide - Mardo Cigars Boutique Sampler of the Year

13th Dec 2021

Hi, and welcome to another episode of Monday's with Mardo's, I'm Gerard. And this week we're going to go over Mardo's boutique sampler of the year. But before I get going, I need you click on that subscribe button. Click on the bell to be notified every single week of new episodes of Mondays with Mardo's.

All right, so we're going to finish off this year of 2021 with Mardo's boutique sampler of the year. Now you may have seen these cigars before, but they are so good that some of them are repeats. So let me get right to it. In no order or fashion at all, and it is available for sale. So if you want to buy one of these samplers, it is product number 5639. It is $69.25. But anyways, let me get into it.

So this cigar right here is the newest addition to Oscar Valladares. If you guys are familiar with Oscar Valladares, he came out with a cigar that put them on a map called Leaf by Oscar. Well, this is the McFly in the toro with a San Andres wrapper, and it's a definite, definite cigar of the year, qualified to be in this boutique sampler.

Next, one of my favorites is the Sinistro Mr. White Gold Edition. This is a toro. This a Mr. White blend, but it's been tweaked with a Connecticut broadleaf binder. It has 30% more andullo in it. I smoked one of these yesterday and it is delicious. One of my favorites from Sinistro, if not, probably my favorite cigar from Sinistro.

Definitely on the map is this street tacos from Noel Rojas. This is the toro. Definitely a really good cigar when it comes to less than $10. As a matter of fact, it's even probably less than eight bucks. So it's in that sampler. This guy hit a big home run this year when it came to the new cigar for his portfolio.

Up next, La Madrina. I know you guys are all familiar with this cigar, but not this one, because this is called The Shade. That's right, La Madrina now is with a Connecticut wrapper. Fantastic cigar. Ian Reith is the owner of Dapper Cigars and that is the company that produces this. If you have not tried it, here's your chance to try the new La Madrina Shade in the toro size.

And of course, one of my all time favorites, this is a cigar that we produced. This is called the Jake Wyatt Lithium. And this is in the belicoso size. This cigar has been featured in our boutique sample for 2021, but it was not the belicoso. And the reason why we chose the belicoso to be in the boutique sampler of the year is because this got rated number nine by Smoking Tobacco Podcast. So thank you so much for the number nine rating and we made it in the top 10. That's fantastic.

And we're going to finish off, also one of my favorite yummy, zesty, spicy, delicious, citrus cigar is the Villa Casdagli in the toro. This is made by Casdagli Cigars, and it is just delicious. I really like this cigar a lot.

Anyways. So again, if you are interested in purchasing this six cigar sampler, there was a whole lot of other brands, I feel, that qualified, but we got to keep it to a minimum in case you guys are interested in purchasing it. Again, product number 5639, it is $69.25. And that includes free shipping.

So, let me know in the comments what you think of the sampler we put together and let me know if you'd like to see something that we are not showing. Other than that, I will see you guys, hopefully, pretty soon here in the year 2022. Other than that, see ya.

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