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Cigar Guide - How Much Money Should a Great Cigar Cost?

6th Apr 2020

What's up everybody? This is Gerard with, and today we're going to discuss the price range of cigars from very cheap to very expensive. So in this video, we're going to take a look at what will it take for you to get a fantastic cigar. But before we get going, click on that subscribe button and be sure to hit the bell to be notified every single week of our new episodes.

Well, it is easy to assume that the more you pay the better the cigar. Well that's not always the case. We're going to take a look at what factors impact the cost of a cigar. All right, so one of the factors that make a cigar price range so high is that there's short-filler, and there's long-filler, and there's also machine made cigars. The one that I'm holding in my hand is a premium cigar that has long-filler meaning that the leaves within this cigar span from the foot to the cap of the cigar in one piece. A short-filler cigar is going to have filler leaves inside of it that don't span all the way from the foot to cap, so therefore the burn is going to be a very flaky ash. And it's not going to give you that fluid of flavors, and it's going to be cheaper tobacco.

And the least of the three is the machine made cigars where these are just sheets of tobacco. They've been homogenized, and they've been cut. And that's how you get the Black & Mild's and your Swisher Sweets. So the type of construction of this cigar is a very big factor, and now we're going to go to the second factor of why cigars could cost a lot.

So factor number two is going to be the cost of aged tobacco as well as the packaging. Now when tobacco has been aged for two or three years, or even longer than that, it's going to raise the cost of operation because that investment has been still, and they didn't get their return on their money faster than regular product cigars. And also the packaging is going to coincide together with that because as a manufacturer introduces a cigar that has a lot of age, they're going to present it in a much fancier box, so therefore that box price is going to raise the cost of the cigar. Thus you pay more for it, and that's very logical and it makes a whole lot of sense. So that's factor two, very simple, and we're going to factor number three.

All right, so factor number three is going to be brand recognition as well as limited edition cigars. Any manufacturer that has a very good reputation of making very good cigars, they are definitely going to be in high demand, and their prices are going to be off the charts, as well as limited edition cigars that make their way into the secondary market, like an OpusX BBMF. The Black Irish from RoMa Craft is very sought after. These cigars can get upwards to $125. A Black Irish goes from MSRP $12 all the way up to $30 to $35. So in conclusion you guys, you got to get out there and start smoking some cigars and make your own decisions. Always read between the lines. Don't get caught up into so much of the literature, but more importantly, please check out the comments to this video because I want to hear from you guys. Other than that, this is Gerard. I'm saying peace out. Follow us on Instagram like us on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel, and I'll see you next week.