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Cigar Guide - Hottest Boutique Cigar Brands of 2020

23rd Nov 2020

Hi, and welcome to another episode of Mondays with Mardo's. I'm Gerard. In this episode, we're going to talk about today's hottest boutique cigar brands, but before we get going, I need you to click on that subscribe button and click on bell to be notified every single week of new episodes on Mondays with Mardo's.

All right. So in front of me, I have chosen five of the hottest boutique cigar brands that I feel deserve some attention. In no order of any fashion, and we all know that there's many different boutique brands out there, but these are the ones that I want to talk about today and see what you guys' opinion is on it. 

Number 1

First on the list is the Powstanie Broadleaf. Owner of this cigars is Mike, I'm going to chop off his last name, Szcepankiewicz, is also the owner of Cigar Hustler in Florida. Now this cigar has a Connecticut broadleaf, which is very hard to get these days. It's also made in Nicaragua under Nica Sueno cigar factory. Nica Sueno cigar factory produces the RoMa Craft cigars, which they don't intend to get bigger than a million cigars a year. So right off the bat, the factory itself is very boutique and Mike having his brand Powstanie, which means uprising in Polish, made there is fantastic, very good flavors, full body.

You also has it in a Habano wrapper. And then we also know the War Bear under the Powstanie line is a very limited and very popular brand. A couple years ago, he had the SBC 18. Two years prior to that, he had the SBC 16, which is the surrounded by champions. Fantastic limited stuff. If you can get your hands on them, I highly recommend it. It's about a $16 cigar, but the post on Powstanie Broadleaf is back in production finally. Again, Connecticut broadleaf was very hard to source. So Powstanie is truly boutique. I think their logo is really, really cool. And again, it stands for uprising.

Number 2

All right, so a second up to bat on the roster is the Jake Wyatt Lithium. This is the newest addition to the portfolio of the Jake Wyatt Cigar Company. Jake Wyatt is truly boutique. They only make 300 cigars per day. Go to and check out the artisanal aspects of their entire portfolio. This is the pre-release, as I mentioned, comes in a bundle of 10 cigars. You can go to again, and to check the nearest dealer around you, so you can get your hands on them. This cigar right here is medium to a full body with pepper, but it is so gosh, darn creamy, very nice sweet flavor, floral hints, nuttiness. It is truly, truly complex. It comes in a six inch by 50 ring gauge, it is only offered in one size because it is the pre-release. Only 200 bundles made, so it might be something hard for you to source. So look for Jake Wyatt Lithium. If you like medium to full body cigars in strength, this is something look for.

Number 3

I am moving along. Sinistro Cigar Company. Man, these guys just don't quit. We always mention them in a lot of videos we do. My boy, James and Coleman, their production is just the right size. Therefore, they can make a lot of cool exclusive for many brick and mortars, do some short run batches. This right here is this Sinistro Mr. White Gold Edition. It was scheduled to debut at the summer PCA Trade Show, however, due to the pandemic, that didn't happen. But what we did at, we bought out all the boxes of the Mr. White Gold Edition. This is a Connecticut broadleaf. It has a blend of Nicaraguan in there, and the Andullo has been gone from 5% to, I think, 30%. So go to, get your hand on these very hard to find cigar that was scheduled to debut, they didn't. We bought all of them. So we have them before the entire market can even get their hands on them.

Number 4

All right, next, this brand deserves a big deep breath because it's very, very exciting to have it under our roof at It is Dapper Desvalido. The Desvalido means hopeless. It is made in Nicaragua. This cigar right here, I had it yesterday, sweet, spice and citrus, phenomenal retrohale. I'm very excited for Ian Reith and the Dapper brand because they're going to be making some big waves and they're truly, truly boutique. They also have the La Madrina, they have the El Borracho and Sun Grown and Maduro, and they also have their Cubo Claro and they have the Siempre, but the newest edition, Desvalido from Dapper, truly boutique fantastic stuff. These guys are out of Fresno, California. But then again, like I already mentioned, this cigar is made in Nicaragua with fantastic tobacco. You guys just going to have to really go to, get a single, get a five-pack and try them out for yourselves and see what the hype is all about.

Number 5

All right. So far we've talked about four different boutique brands that are one of the hottest brands right now when it comes to the boutique game. But this one right here, these guys are the epitome, if not the pioneers of what truly boutiques cigars are. Viaje, and in my hand is the Skull & Crossbones, this is The Hulk. Viaje is a very unique cigar company. They work with multiple different factories and they come out with cigars every two months or quarterly. Sometimes they are repeats and sequels of the previous year. The Skull & Crossbones has a different variety of cigars. They have the Daisy Cutter. This is The Hulk. They have the Bruce Banner and the WMD and on and on, and then what are we? Around Thanksgiving they're going to come up with the Stuffed Turkey pretty soon here. We're going to have it in a Natural and a Maduro. They have Farmer Bill.

These guys have been boutiques since the day they started. They serve about two to 300 accounts throughout the country, and they a lot anywhere between three to four boxes of this similar cigar, and that is it. You cannot increase the quantity of cigars you get because they truly are the epitome of what a boutique brand is. I think Andre Farkas has done a very, very good job. I hope I didn't chop up your last name, but Viaje, we are a preferred account with them. So we do get them all the time at So visit our website. A lot of the popular stuff sell out before we even get them through doors. So that's how a highly sought after of a brand it is. 

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This is our conclusion for today's episode. Let me know in the comments what is your favorite boutique brands and what you think of these hottest new boutique brands that I just mentioned. Other than that, I'll see you next week. But before I get going, follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook, and remember to tell your friends to subscribe to our YouTube channel. See you guys.