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Cigar Guide - Honduran Cigar Brands You Need to Try

27th Jul 2020

Hello, and welcome to another episode of Mondays with Mardo's. My name is Gerard and today is the last three part series of the cigars that you have to try, and today is all about Hondurans.

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Cigar Number 1

Hi, so just in case you have not been following the series, we started a couple of episodes ago with series one. We talked about Dominican cigars, series two was Nicaraguan cigars, and this week is the last series where we're going to talk about Honduran cigars. And this cigar was founded in 2017 by Sebastian Decoppet, called Cavalier Geneve. This is the black series of his lineup. It is a San Andres Maduro wrapper box pressed delicious cigar. It is medium to a full body with some smoothness, pepper and some underlying chocolate hints.

Now, the cool thing about the cigar, it does have a gold foil of a diamond stamp on the actual cigar, so therefore you can actually smoke this. So look for it, called Cavalier Geneve, the black series by Sebastian Decoppet, made in Honduras.

Cigar Number 2

Number two on the list is Aladino, and I'm sure you guys know, I've talked about this brand before on other episodes. Aladino is has made by JRE tobacco, which is used to make Camacho, but when he sold Camacho to Davidoff, they had a five-year non-compete and they couldn't make any new brands within the United States, I believe. So, that contract is over. They came out with Aladino, and these are made in Honduras.

They did come out with it in a Maduro, so check them out. Aladino, very good cigar. This is the natural in the toro size.

Cigar Number 3

Last but not least, a very unique name for a cigar, Wild Hunter. This is made by Oscar Valladares. It is made in Honduras. It's oscuro. It is complex, full body. Very, very good cigar. Looking at it, I thought twice about it, but once I smoked it, I was definitely convinced.

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