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Cigar Guide - Exciting News from Casdagli Cigars

12th Apr 2021

What's going on, everyone? This is Gerard of, and welcome to another episode of Mondays with Mardo's. today, we have a guest, Vlad from Casdagli Cigars. We're going to talk about the new cigar that's coming out in late May, early June. But before I get going, I need you to click on that subscribe button, click on it every single week of new episodes on Mondays with Mardo's.

All right, so all you guys are probably thinking, what is this new cigar? Well, we all know the Daughters of the Wind Robusto is a hit, and that is a blend of its own. All the other Daughters of the Wind cigars are a different blends. So what they did at Casdagli, if I'm correct, is they took the Daughters of the Wind Robusto and they made it better. So now it's going to come under the name Villa Casdagli, and it's going to have several sizes. I'm going to let Vlad here elaborate on the changes they made, because he's telling me it's better. I have it here in first-hand. This is a 6 by 54.

The Toro, yeah.

All right. So why don't you tell everybody while I cut this and indulge on this cigar right here?

Like Gerard said, I know everybody's a huge fan of the Daughters of the Wind Robusto. Jeremy and I basically brainstormed for about eight months, how to make it better. After trying numerous different blends, we finally settled on the original blend and added a half a leaf of ligero to give it just a little bit more strength to it. That was one of the feedback ... some of the feedback that we got from everybody, that it just needed a little bit more punch. We added seven year old Peruvian Pelo D'Oro to add more complexity and just make everything creamier and absolutely fantastic. The three sizes will be the Corona, the Corona Gorda, classic 5 by 7/8 and 48, so classic Cuban size, a 5 by 50 Robusto and the 6 by 54 Toro, and there's going to be a secret size that you won't know about until it launches in late May to early June.

He's not very good at keeping secrets because he told me, but I'm good at keeping secrets.

It's going to be something really, really fun, a throwback to what Jeremy originally started doing about 20 years ago. We're super excited because we're going to be using the original molds for that size. So it's a throwback, 20 years in the making at this point. I'm sure a Mardo will be one of the first ones to carry it too.

We'll take 50 boxes.

There you go. You heard it on video.

This is, already first puff, some nice sweetness to it, a little bit of pepper. I haven't retroed it yet. What are you smoking?

I'm smoking the Jake Wyatt Lithium.

Oh, where'd you get that?

Well, I just stumbled into it in the humidor. But no, I've had the pleasure of tasting this as a test blend, and I was excited to see what it's going to do with a little bit of rest. I'm happy to report that this is delicious. I'm sure you guys already tasted it, just medium full to full flavor right off the bat. There's no oh, we're going to take our time. You lit it up. You take the first puff and bam, I'm here, so really, really good. I'm excited. I know there's a couple of different unique tobaccos that you're using in here and the Rosado wrapper, right?

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Really delicious. I'm I'm looking forward to enjoying this over the next, let's call it an hour and a half.

So that is a 6 by 50.

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

It's a pre-release, and we're going to come out with the whole portfolio pretty soon here. It does have criollo in there, corojo. It does have a hybrid tobacco from Dominican Republic, and it's got corojo seco, corojo binder, and it also is wrapped with Habano. Anyway, but right now, what we're going to do is we're going to focus on the new cigar, Villa Casdagli. We're going to smoke this a little bit and come back to you guys. Then we're going to give you just my humble opinion on the cigar. So far. It's pretty darn good, so stay tuned.

All right. So I have smoked the cigar a well-deserved halfway point, and I got to say, this is a fuller body stick. So again, just to recap for you guys, Daughters of the Wind Robusto is going away. They took that blend. They tweaked it. They made a little bit stronger. They give it some Peruvian Pelo D'oro and then a little bit of other ligero in there as well. So this line is going to consist of three different sizes. There's going to be a special size that's going to be revealed as well, and it's going to be under the name Villa Casdagli. I really like it, very, very good job.

I'm glad, I'm excited. I'm really-

Eight months of work on the blend.

Eight months of work. The cigar you're smoking right now is about three or four weeks old, so it's still a little rough. I just asked for a few samples. We have the other stuff that's been made in sitting, and it's going to hit six months in May, mid to late May when we expect to ship it. Just like the rest of the stuff, everything sits for six months. Then we ship it and we go from there.

Okay, so look for it late May, early June. Other than that, we're going to see you guys next week, but let me know in the comments what you think. Are you guys excited that the Daughters of the Wind Robusto is going away and coming as a different rendering, or you guys really, really sad about it? Other than that, hey, remember to follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook, and remember to tell your friends to subscribe to our YouTube channel. I'll see you guys next week.