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Cigar Guide - Cigar Table Top Lighter Tips and Tricks

19th Oct 2020

Welcome to another episode of Mondays With Mardo's. I'm Gerard, and today we're going to talk about a couple of tips and tricks on table lighters for your cigars. But, before we get going, I need you and your friends to click on the subscribe button, click on the bell to be notified every single week of new episodes with Mondays With Mardo's.

Tip Number 1

So tip number one, make sure that your tabletop lighter has some weight to it. And why is that? Well, when it comes to events and people tend to take your little tiny lighter, like they did to me yesterday and my five dollar and fifty cent little Mardo lighter got walked away with, even though I got a back. But it was just annoying when I didn't have it in my little tiny space when I needed to use it to light my cigar. So when it comes to something like this big in weight, eventually it's going to get put back down, either in the spot they got it from or somewhere. And even if it is somewhere else, the size of it, I'm going to be able to find it a lot easier than a small little tiny lighter. So that's tip number one.

Tip Number 2

We'll move into tip number two. Tip number two, make sure you get familiar with the lighter you're about to use if you've never used it before. This one is a quad flame torch lighter and it's turned up all the way. I do not want to light my cigar with this big of a flame. So, therefore, you can make sure that you get yourself familiar with it a little bit and you don't torch your eyebrows.

Tip Number 3

Tip number two three. If you are a person that's going to purchase a lighter like this for the tabletop use, make sure it does have a window to see the level of butane. The worst thing is your friends are over, you guys sit down, you got the fire going, you got your drinks, you get comfortable, you reach for a lighter and it has no butane in it. So before your friends come over, you can inspect to see if there's any butane. I know it sounds very simple, but it is very annoying when there's no butane. And there are some tabletop lighters on the market that don't have this feature. So make sure if you do buy a tabletop lighter, it has the window so you know how much butane to put in there.

Trick Number 1

So now we're going to move into the tricks. The trick with a table top lighter, make sure it is large and it does have weight to it, which we covered. So the trick is not to fall for something like this. Now, this company has not intentionally even marketed this thing for a table top lighter, but we as consumers sometimes want to get spend thrifts. So, therefore, we go with something like this. It has the wedge. So, therefore, it's a cigar stand. And then it does have an oversized feel to it. And it does have an oversized single flame. So, therefore... I'm going to turn this up a little bit. So, therefore, we can light it and it doesn't have the dial. So this is not a tabletop lighter, even though it does look oversized. Something like this can get walked away with. It does fit nice in your hand and you can put it in your pocket. So don't fall for that. That's trick number one.

Trick Number 2

So trick number two, how do you extend the life of your lighter? So before you refill your lighter, you always want to make sure that you want to bleed the entire amount of pressure within the reservoir. I can't express this enough. A reservoir as big as this one is going to need your patience. So, therefore, you have to bleed it, make sure all the pressure is released so, therefore, the little tiny seals in there do not bust. 

Trick Number 3

And another thing is make sure you use very good butane. Do spend the money on it because it's going to extend the life of your lighter that you paid $150 for. This is the Xikar high-performance. It is available on and we do have them. So this is the Xikar Volta. I think it's a great lighter. I love it. I love the round feel of it. It works every single time.

I want to know in the comments what you use as a tabletop lighter.

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