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Cigar Guide – Cigar Production From Seed to Store Part 3

27th Apr 2020

What's going on everybody? This is Gerard,, and this is our third and final part of our seed to store cigar production video. But before we get going, please click on that subscribe button, click on the bell to be notified every single week with Mondays with Mardo's.


All right, so in this episode, we're going to talk about how cigars are sorted and packaged and how they end up at your favorite retailer so you can have the cigars in your hand to enjoy. We're going to pick up where we left off last episodes where the cigars were placed in molds and pressed. Now we're going to take everything apart and we're going to sort and packages the cigars. Now since cigar wrappers vary in different shades of color, we have to make sure everything is uniform. So when you go to a cigar shop and you open up a box and everything is uniform and beautiful, that is because most manufacturers prefer to hire women because they can see 33 different shades of brown.


Okay, so now that we have the cigar sorted, we're going to package them. This is the section where you take the cigar and you have to put a band on it. It could be a very simple band or a very fancy one, which can impact the cost of the cigar. At this same time, the cigars go into cellophane or in a tubo. And once we have that decided, then we got to go into a box, and the box could be either a very fancy wooden box, or just a simple cardboard, or even a bundle. Anyway, all this stuff can impact the cost of the cigar, especially when it comes to the shipping. But next, we're going to talk about the distribution and how cigars get to your retail store.


In this segment, we're going to talk about the distribution of cigars and how they make it to your favorite retailer. Most of these manufacturers will have headquarters established within the United States. A lot of them are on the east coast, so the sales reps will hit the road and visit every single retailer face to face. Also, we have two trade shows every single year. We have the TPE and we also have the PCA. These trade shows will have an abundance of different vendors. Many of these retailers will travel majority of the time to Las Vegas where we peruse all the different manufacturers and we place our orders, also take a look at what's new. 

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So now you know how cigars go from seed to store. So tune in next week. My name is Gerard, on Mondays with Mardo's. Follow us on Instagram, like on Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.