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Cigar Guide – Cigar Box Opening Jake Wyatt Cigar Co. U.S.I.R.

24th May 2021

Hi, and welcome to another episode of Mondays with Mardo's. I'm Gerard, and this week, we're going to do cigar box opening of the month. But before I get going, I need you to click on that subscribe button, click on the bell to be notified every single week of Mondays with Mardo's.

All right, so this month, we chose the box of the month, which is the Jake Wyatt Cigar Company. This is called the U.S.I.R, which stands for Un-suspected Inner Resource. I chose the belicoso size, which is a 6 by 52. Reason being, I think it's, of the core line, it is the best tasting and burning size there is. I'm just going to take a look at the cigar right here. It does have some accents on it, but more importantly, on the cellophane, there's the UPC code, which gives the brand stamp on there, and then the U.S.I.R. belicoso with the dimension of 6 by 52. Now this has a Habana wrapper. It's made in Tamboril, which is in Dominican Republic. When you look at the cigar, again, it's a Habana wrapper. It does have a couple of San Andres accents on the top and the bottom of the cigar.

So I'm going to go ahead and do a cut and light. And I'm going to give you guys a little bit of hints and flavors of what the cigar is like. Now, the reason why I like the 6 by 52, is because it is right between 5 by 50, and 6 by 54. It is not too small in ring gauge and not too large in ring gauge. And when cigars are too big in ring gauge, they tend to get a little too mild for me. And in a robusto is just too short of a smoke for me sometimes. So 6 by 52 has been serving me just right.

Now, these retail right at $12.48. They do come in a box of 22 count. Now, the cool thing about this cigar is that I had the chance to work together with our master blender and create something for you guys that's super... I wouldn't say sweet, but it does have sweet pepper in it. And when I say sweet pepper, it's like cinnamon. Cinnamon is sweet, but yet peppery at the same time. And the way we did the aging process on this tobacco was very lengthy, but it has come out very, very well.

Mighty fine cigar. Now let's take a look at the box here and we're going to go ahead and open it. One of the first things I do notice that the Boveda is on there. And so that gives you the assurance that the cigars are very well taken care of when you get these at your retailer. And voila, there's the Boveda, there's another sticker right here showing that B'oveda should be in place. It is a 11 cigar all the way across, and then 11 of them at the bottom and the box is made out of wood. Beautiful stuff. It has the U.S.I.R. indication right here on the tray, inside the box. Again, a 6 by 52.

And another cool thing about the Jake Wyatt's is that we wanted to make sure that we give you guys the stamp date of the production. So this is January 2021. So therefore, if you store these and you want to age them a little bit, you can go ahead and just be assured that the stamp is already on the bottom. You don't have to get any kind of markers or anything like that to put the date yourself, so...

This is product number 7791 on If you are interested in getting singles or five packs or a full box, you can just go to the search bar, 7791, and get yourself a couple of these and try them out. Again, here's another couple puffs. Definitely a lot of tingling on the lips. Cinnamon is there, but the pepper is cinnamon pepper. It's kind of got like this sweetness. It's got a little bit of a scratch on my palette. Like kind of cinnamon has that. It gives you that little scratch. It's a little peppery, but there's that sweetness that's really, really enjoyable and very, very nice. So this is really, really nice.

Anyways, I'm going to sit here and enjoy this cigar. Let me hear what you guys have to say in the comments. If you guys ever tried this, or if you are curious. Other than that, I'll see you guys next week. Remember to follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook and to tell your friends to subscribe to our YouTube channel. See you guys.