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Cigar Guide –Boutique Cigar Brand Series Episode 3

24th Aug 2020

Hello, I'm Gerard. And welcome to another episode of Mondays With Mardo's. This week, we're going to do another series feature of boutique cigar brands you must try. But before I begin, I need you to click on that subscribe button. Click on about to be notified, every single week of a new episode of Mondays With Mardo's.

So this week's feature of boutique cigar brands you must try is Jake Wyatt Cigars out of Tamboril, Dominican Republic. If you're in a market for a mild to medium cigar this brand is it. Smooth retrohale, creaminess, with some orange spice, a lot of great flavors. This is a brand you want to try. You can also go to to check out the entire portfolio. They've done an amazing job.

So first on the list is the Jake Wyatt lucid interval. This is a candela cigar. It is a mild cigar, but however full in flavor. A lot of sweetness, hints of green tea. And it's a very good morning cigar. This is a Toro. They also offer it in a 6 x 60, Belicoso is 6 x 52, and in the rebusto is a 5 x 50. Every single core line of Jake Wyatt does have a limited edition attached to it. So if you want to check out the entire portfolio, I highly recommend you go to and check out what they're offering.

But next up is the fourth dimension. As I mentioned, this is a Habano Rosado wrapped cigar. It's got the artesian accents of the three stripes on the foot, and the two strikes on the cap. This is a candela stripe. This cigar is going to be medium bodied. However, it's going to have a lot of sweetness. Flavors of toasted almond.

Another Habano Rosado on the portfolio is the USIR. But the way to differentiate them is the artesian accents, because this has only two stripes on the foot and one stripe on the cap. The aging process owner USIR is a little bit different. It's got more pepper hints. A lot of zestiness. Some cinnamon in there as well. And coupled with a little bit of lemon. They both are featured on You can check out all the sizes and the limited edition that's attached to it.

So as we move along down the core line, I'm going to talk about the Appendix II. This is an Ecuadorian Connecticut. This is probably the mildest out of the core line, but however, the flavor of this cigar is astounding. We get a lot of testimonies of a lot of people like it because of the orange spice, the creaminess that it offers. It's just a cigar that's good all the way down to the end. And it does also again, offer a limited edition. This has a cap and also a foot, a little bit of a dural, with the little stripe right down the middle in the figurado shape. Again, offered in a Robusto and a Belicoso, and also this one is a 6 x 54 Toro and Gordo is 6 x 60.

I'm going to finish off the list with the Herbert Spencer. This is a San Andres Maduro. This is more of a medium bodied cigar with a lot of hints of chocolate. Again, the artesian accents are still there on the core line, making Jake Wyatt a truly boutique cigar brand.

But before I go, I'm going to talk about one more special cigar. This one stands alone in an entire portfolio. This is called the S.E. 2019, a little tiny perfecto that is about five inches long. But this thing is truly a vanilla bomb. Again, Jake Wyatt is more of a mild to medium cigar brand that is available to smoke any time of the day.

So this concludes our episode of Mondays With Mardo's this week, featuring Jake Wyatt Cigars. Let me know in the comments what you think of this brand. And if you have never tried this brand go to and grab yourself a sampler. Other than that, I'm going to see you next week. Remember it to follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook, and remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Peace.