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Cigar Guide - Best Cigar to Smoke with a Steak

26th Sep 2022

I'm all about as rare as I can get that steak. I was about to say cigar. What is the best cigar to smoke with a steak? Again, no cigar with a steak. I'm sorry, guys. I'm one of those guys that I do not like to smoke my cigar with any kind of food. I do not like dessert before my cigar. It just ruins it all. So for me, if I want to eat a steak, I want to just taste the steak by itself. I don't even like A1 Sauce on my steak. I like it just raw as possible. Salt and pepper, Montreal steak seasoning, maybe a big, big, maybe, I'm all about as rare as I can get that cigar, that steak. I was about to say cigar. As rare as I can get it as good of a piece of meat I can get. Oh my, I just love it. So I do not like to smoke a cigar with my steak.

Have I tried it? Yes, I have. And it's just too much going on. Savoring the taste of the steak. And then if I have any kind of veggies with it, I want to eat that. And I have taken puffs of a cigar and it was like, I was wasting. I was wasting. I couldn't really taste a cigar. I couldn't focus on it. It was just a bunch of puffing smoke, and then just kind of ruined my palate for my steak. So I don't like to smoke a cigar with my steak. I'm sorry. So you guys in the comments can tell me what you think and everybody's different. Let's see what else question is here.

"Should you smoke before or after?" So for me, I definitely like to smoke a cigar after my steak. However, I do not like to have any dessert. All my friends make fun of me. They'll bring the best cheesecake, which is a bummer, because I love New York style cheesecake. But I will not have any dessert if I know I'm going to smoke a cigar after my dinner. So I'll just do the steak, the dinner, that's it. And I'll cleanse my palate either with some, if I have access to a hot drink, a tea or a coffee.

I definitely want to sear away and melt away all the fat content from the juices of the steak. If there's any butter on my veggies, I definitely want to remove the fat content. So therefore I can actually open up my pores and be able to really taste my cigar afterwards. If I have dessert, dessert has a lot of fat and sugars in it. And if it's cheesecake, it's just going to coat the entire walls, the inside walls on my mouth. And it's just not ... My cigar's going to take car taste like cardboard to me. And can you get a sense the passion in my voice, and my neurosis? Neurosis, I should say. Anyways, I'm not even if I'm looking at this. But yeah, no dessert for me before my cigar. If I did have dessert, I'm not having a cigar. That's basically it. But let me know in the comments, you guys, what you think, and I will see you next week. Remember follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook and remember, tell your friends to subscribe to our YouTube channel. See you.