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Boutique Cigars - Sinistro in the House!

Posted by Tyler Enos on 27th Jan 2020

What's up everybody. This is Gerard with We have a special guest with us today. James from Sinistro. Thanks for coming here.

Thanks for having me.

Welcome Sinistro!

Sinistro is our best selling boutique brand on our website. But before we get going, I'm going to ask you to click on that subscribe button, and also click on the bell to be notified for every single new episode of Mondays With Mardo's. Okay, so to bring you guys up to speed a little bit Sinistro and Mardo Cigars go way back. We've been together what about two or three years now?

I think we started over at 2018, two years ago at IPCPR.

And what that did for us is that we did the collaboration of the Last Cowboy Maduro, which we can talk about the cutter; the 2018 Limited Edition. But today we're going to talk about a brand that you're going to be introducing pretty soon here. What? In July of this year?

Mr. White Gold Edition

July, you will have a full release of the Mr. White Gold Edition and-

Which is this cigar right here. This is the pre-release.

That's the pre-release. I'll have new bands, new boxes. We just worked out the boxes recently. We're getting the bands done right now. So July was set to release that at the trade show; at PCA. And we also did a release on the Mr. Candela, which is not a brand that we're going to have fully in the line. We're going to be releasing this maybe twice a year. We'll probably release it again at the end of this year again. And we have some HV Corojo and Maduro coming out at the end of this year, but that's something we're still working on and getting the boxes and bands done for right now.

That's a lot of excitement going on.

It's exciting, man. It's exciting. I actually have the Cameroon over here that I've been testing.


It's actually a great stick, but we're bringing out the Cerro and the Maduro.

Mr. Candela

So to give you guys a little bit more information on the Mr. Candela, it is only a 200 box release of two sizes, right? It is a Robusto and also a Toro, and each box is numbered so it's off 200 boxes. We do have them in stock and we do have a five-pack special going on right now. And then the Mr. White, can you tell us a little bit on the Gold Edition what was the difference in the blend compared to the regular Mr. White?

So on that guy we added a Connecticut broadleaf Maduro wrapper.


And we took away the 10 year old HVA wrapper on there, and we upped the andullo from 7% to 30% and we took away a lot of the Viso and Seco in the filler. So it's going to give it more strength, the andullo tobacco, and it's going to give it just a hint of sweetness. But obviously not added sweetness, natural sweetness.

So the sweetness comes from the andullo?

A little bit, yeah. Andullo gives you a little bit of sweetness and a lot of strength.

And how's that going for you guys so far?

I love that blend. It's actually a phenomenal blend. I smoke them all the time, but we only did a 200 run. So I can't smoke them all the time. So I tried to get them in as much as I can, but the blend actually does really, really well. The White is actually a medium plus, and then this becomes a full bodied cigar.

Very well. So we're going to be running a little special here. So stay tuned for the next take, and I'm going to tell you guys exactly the specials that we have going.

James, thank you so much for coming and bringing us some cool cutters. So today what we're going to do is we're going to give you guys a special. These cutters are not even available online or anywhere else in the industry. So James was very kind and brought us these cutters. So when you buy a five pack of Mr. Candela in the Toro size, we're going to give you a free Sinistro cutter. If you buy a five pack of the Mr. White Gold Edition in the Churchill size, we're going to also give you a free cutter. Also, we have the Last Cowboy Maduro blend, which was a total, total exclusive.

Other than that, if you are a big Sinistro fan, please let us know in the comments what you think. If you have any questions for James or myself, we'll get those answers to you guys. All right James, again, thank you so much for coming, being here, buddy.

Thanks for having me brother.

I appreciate it.

I appreciate being here. Thank you so much for having us dude. You guys are one of my favorite customers to be around and hang out with. So it's always a pleasure to be down here, especially being on your show.

Especially when we go to the DR together.

That's always a good thing too.

Come Join Us

Other than that, this is Gerard with Mondays With Mardo's and I'll see you next episode. Now, don't forget to follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.